Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The RobamaTrons

by: Les Carpenter
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With the President beleaguered by a economy showing signs of worsening, and the general public weary of the Presidents idealogical leftward tilt, the Obama faithful (RobamaTrons)are once again rallying to the cause of political correct dialogue.

Rep. Conyers (D-MI)had this to say about ObamaCare.
“I [heart symbol] ObamaCare” as part of his campaign to rehabilitate a moniker he thinks Democrats should be proud of.

“The fact that a healthcare bill is named after a first-term president who does what two other presidents before him couldn’t accomplish is really a compliment,” Conyers told The Hill. “A few years from now, ObamaCare will be looked upon as a complimentary description, rather than what [critics] are trying to portray it as now.”

Right Mr. Conyers, RobamaTrons certainly would speak highly of a pig in a poke. One that is sure to have far reaching negative consequences.

Chris Jennings, another Robamatron had the following.
“If everyone is naming it ObamaCare anyway,” Jennings said, “not being defensive and actually embracing it can be a smart strategic move.

“Many of us have worked for decades toward that end, and we should be proud of it. And we should be running on it, not running away from it.”

If one follows like sheep to slaughter then I suppose the strategy works. For the majority of Americans who still understand the value of liberty and choice there are many legitimate concerns.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.) in true RobamaTron speak weighed in.
“the Republicans mean ‘ObamaCare’ as a disparaging term.”

“The law is called the Affordable Care Act,” she said. “I think it should be called the Affordable Care Act and Republicans shouldn’t be allowed to continue to make disparaging references to the president while expressing their concerns about the provisions of the law.”

The statist mind at work. Don't call a jackal a jackal, rather call it something it isn't {positive} and then proceed sell it to the public under false pretense.

There is more at The Hill for those who enjoy comic relief. Which is really what the article boils done to.

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  1. Call it whatever you like, "Obamacare" is better than what we had before!

    What we really need, though, is single-payer universal care. Healthcare is a basic human necessity. It should be a right and it should be guaranteed to everyone.


  2. A) It ain't kicked in completely yet and hopefully it is dismanted {repleaded} before it does.

    B) There is no right of universal healkcare. Never has been to my knowledge. If you can find it in the Constitution advise as to where you find it.

    Now if onr can find a truly workable national healthcare that is self sustaining and won't bankrupt the nation I'm all ears.

  3. >It should be a right and it should be guaranteed to everyone.

    To quote Joel Skousen, "Fundamental rights are those rights that all persons can claim simultaneously without forcing others to serve them."

    If some action, etc., requires that another person be forced to provide goods or services, then that action, etc., is, by definition, NOT a right.

    What you are advocating is thievery (and, because it forces behavior, a type of slavery). However, it is not just thievery, but thievery of the most cowardly kind. Rather than committing the theft on our own, you hide behind the violent force of the government to do your thievery for you.

    The only right to health care is the right to engage in a freewill exchange with someone willing to provide such health care to you in accordance with conditions that you both agree upon. You don't have the right to force anyone to provide such services, either directly, by forcing the doctor, for example, to treat you, or indirectly, by forcing others (taxpayers) to provide funding for such care.

    Why do you hate freedom?

  4. You spoiled brats.

    This country, in all likelihood made you far greater than you made it.


  5. JMJ - Do you not understand the the term "spoiled brat" describes not Bastiatarian nor those who believe in the morally correct concepts he accurately and eloquently described?

    It does however describe those who believe in the altruistic socialist concept that the individual is bound to serve the interest of others and willingly accept their plunder while continuing demand more.


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