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Progressive Altruistic Collectivists Showing Themselves to be Clueless!

by: Les Carpenter
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The editors of Think Progress, that useless and salacious rag of progressive collectivism have found it convenient to assail Ayn Rand and her Objectivist philosophy in their attack on Representative Paul Ryan's budget plan. In doing so they display both their ignorance of Ayn Rand's works as well as their ignorance of sound economic theory.

Yes, Ayn Rand was an atheist. She believed that faith in a unknowable, and thus mystical supreme being was illogical and irrational. Not unlike millions, or perhaps tens of millions of atheists throughout history. So, what the hell does that have to do with economic theory? You likely got it right. Absolutely nothing.

Yet Think Progress is using Rand's rational advocacy of capitalism, and by this I mean laissez a faire capitalism, to further the collectivist support for altruism. Which is the selfless belief that the individual must sacrifice both their security and happiness for the sake of all others. Altruism represents the most vile and immoral ethical code ever advocated in human existence. Why? Because in its most extreme expression it requires total sacrifice of the self to all others. Which is of course precisely what Think Progress, as well as all collectivist theorist call for, and indeed demand. The perfect statist society in other words.

Think Progress's absolutely disgusting pandering is beyond reprehensible. It is the most dishonest and deceitful pile of excrement I have read in a long while. To disagree with Rand's positions is one thing. When done honestly and with valid and reasonable argument it is worthy of discussion. When presented as Think Progress chose to do it is beyond disgusting and ought to be dismissed by all reasonable people as nothing more than trash from the clueless progressive collectivist statist, period!

Here is the full trash from Think Progress.

While religious conservatives and Republican political leaders gathered at the Faith and Freedom Conference in Washington this weekend, another group of religious leaders held a small gathering across the street to warn against the perils of the Republican Party’s fiscal priorities.

Four members affiliated with the religious group Faith In Public Life held a brief press conference during FFC’s afternoon intermission to denounce the GOP’s adherence to the philosophies of anti-government, anti-religion author Ayn Rand. The leaders — Rev. Jennifer Butler, Jim Wallis, Rev. Derrick Harkins, and Father Clete Kiley — asserted that the GOP efforts to cut funding from many anti-poverty programs while balancing the budget on the backs of the poorest Americans were not in line with Christian values:

The sky is falling on poor people in this country. The sky is falling. This time it really is. In the past, when we’ve done deficit reduction — and we’ve done it before — we’ve done poverty reduction at the same time. You can do both together. And every previous attempt there has been a bipartisan agreement to a given, a principle, that poor and low income people are not the ones to make hurt more when you’re making tough decisions. … They don’t bear the brunt of our fiscal irresponsibility because they didn’t cause it. We did not get into fiscal trouble because of poor people. … The poor didn’t cause this. Let’s not make them pay for it.

What we’re saying in the faith community, across the spectrum, is that a nation is judged — our Bible says — by how we treat the poorest and most vulnerable. Period. That’s what God says to us. That’s God’s instruction to us. To be faithful to God, we have to protect poor people.

Wallis and Butler repeatedly asserted that political leaders could not adhere to the teachings of both Rand and the church. “This budget has more to do with the teaching of Ayn Rand than the etchings of Jesus Christ,” Butler said. “I read [Rand] in high school, and she said, ‘You have to choose me or Jesus,’” Wallis added. “And so I did. She lost.”

Religious leaders have recently spoken out to House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan (R-WI) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) — both of whom are practicing Catholics — telling them that the cuts in their budget disproportionately target poor Americans and are thus out of line with Christian and Catholic teaching. Early in May, a group of Catholic bishops sent Boehner a letter denouncing the budget cuts. Ryan, meanwhile, has attempted to persuade Catholic bishops that his budget is in line with religious teaching. Kiley was skeptical today, however, saying Ryan handpicked phrases from Catholic teaching in attempts to justify his budget cuts, largely ignoring the majority of Catholic teaching.

Make no mistake, the altruists, which all progressive collectivists are, want you to believe that any attempt at fiscal responsibility and sound economic judgment is an attack on the poor and least economically secure amongst us. In fact fiscal responsibility and sound economic policy has been shown to be the only way to raise the standard of living across the board among all people.

Altruist collectivism has been shown on the other hand to do nothing other than to result in people becoming dependent upon others {society} to take care of them. It has the effect of destroying self sufficiency and self reliance.

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