Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On the Right Path...???

by: Les Carpenter
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Frank McCaffrey – Hilda Solis, Secretary of Labor, says the economy is on “the right path.” But unemployment is still at a very high number. That’s why ALG’s Rick Manning has turned the Team Obama Spotlight onto The Department of Labor.

h/t: Liberty Action Report

There is more to think about.
By Howard Rich – The nomination of John Bryson as Barack Obama’s new Secretary of Commerce has been touted in some circles as “the latest in a recent string of moves by the Obama administration to mend relations with the business community.”

But is the selection of Bryson — who founded a radical environmental organization and helped spearhead the United Nations climate change movement — really a good choice for American businesses? Or is his nomination the latest example of Obama’s commitment to a massive expansion of “world welfare” — one that would further bankrupt our Treasury and place additional strain on our taxpayers?

By now, it has become abundantly clear that the real goal of the left-wing eco-radicals has nothing to do with climate change — and everything to do with international wealth redistribution on an unprecedented scale. Sadly, this goal has been enthusiastically embraced by the Obama administration — as Bryson’s nomination once again demonstrates.

At a 2009 conference leading up to the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen, Bryson proposed the establishment of training programs and a new global law enforcement regime aimed at blocking poor nations from using their forest resources. In fact, funding for this massive undertaking was part of the “global climate tax” approved at Copenhagen — a radical wealth redistribution scheme which hopes to siphon $100 billion a year from America and other countries to developing nations by the end of the decade.{Read More}

We're on the right track one believes if they are looking for a train wreck or the abyss. For most it is simply time to look for a new conductor.


  1. Our economy is creating ALOT of new jobs! But people fail to look at our policies and stimulus and the effect they are having in employment in China, Brazil, or a whole bunch of other places.

    If you tout free markets you get globalization, when you get globalization you no longer can focus on economic policy within the confines of national borders....

    Howard Rich can complain about the effects of cap and trade and climate change legislation..wonder why he says nothing about the syphoning of wealth from this country to third world countries due to free markets?

  2. TAO is right. Rich pulls the ol' sleazy con bait and switch and accused Obama of transferring wealth in the name of environmental policy, a childishly silly conspiracy theory.



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