Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Look Forward

The challenge faced by those of us who are politically inclined, whether they be conservative or liberal {the ones who indeed care about and love their country} rests in finding a balance.

This is, at least for me, difficult. The result can be one losing sight of those things which make life most enjoyable.

Things like, a visit to the park, the zoo, the beach, going dancing, going to concerts, the movies, enjoying fully ones children or grandchildren, private walks with the one you love the most, taking advantage of opportunities to create lasting memories aside from politics and blogging, in other words doing the things that make life most meaningful and wonderful.

Politics, government, and philosophy, which is what this blog is really about, can result in one becoming almost one dimensional. I know first hand because I struggle with it often.

This blog's focus will always be about politics, government, and philosophy as it is what I love. Having said this my goal, going forward, is to expand the sites content beyond just the three primaries mentioned above.

If any of my readership has a particular subject they would like to see covered please feel free to send an e-mail to the address on the contact page. It will, as time allows be researched and covered in a future post.

Anyone looking for a forum to publish their thoughts on a particular subject {politics, government, philosophy, or otherwise} please consider contacting Rational Nation USA at our published address.

Rational Nation extends a heartfelt thank you for your continued readership.

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  1. I am fascinated by the ideologies of Eisenhower and Kennedy and how both men helped to shape the modern world. My knowledge of Eisenhower is somewhat limited to my knowledge of foreign policy in general after Truman, (Dulles, NSA, CIA, the usual banana republic/Shah of Iran/Indochina/fall of the British Empire kind of stuff.) I have read both of his inaugural addresses and have often wondered how there was such wonderful continuity when JFK took office. I feel that Kennedy was true to the ideals set forth by Eisenhower of the interconnectedness of all human beings. I have also read Pierre Salinger's 1,000 Days, a first-hand account of the Kennedy presidency. I found it truly fascinating. To me, these are the good guys, (their famous historical mistakes excepted and forgiven.) Why not continue in their proud tradition? What has happened to our contemporary ideology? Is it truly based on the bitter ramblings of a child of Czarist Russia? If so, why?

  2. Flying Junior - Thanks for your intriguing and thoughtful question with respect Eisenhower, and Kennedy. Both were leaders that earned respect. In a very large sense they were leaders as we have not seen in the past 12 years.

    As to your cryptic comment with reference to Ayn Rand and by extension her Objectivism I have no response, my positions have been published and are well known. Suffice to say that the left's general misunderstanding of the underlying principles of Rand's ethical and moral philosophy fascinates me.


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