Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just a Thinkin'

I always find it interesting that the African-American family was able to survive slavery, Jim Crow, and lynching, but it couldn't survive the 1960s. Is it possible here, folks, the we killed it, that entire institution, with kindness?


  1. I got news for you pal. Half of white marriages end in divorce. The "good" news is more people cannot afford the lawyers to get a divorce.

    I also got history for you. Slave families were broken up at will those conservative Southern aristocrats.

    Keep on a thinkin' though.

  2. pal? I know that families were torn apart by slave-owners. But the ones that weren't - THOSE survived. And I understand that it isn't just black families that get divorced (duh). My only point here is that the 60s were supposed to be this great period. And, yes, in certain ways they were (civil rights, landing on the moon, etc.). But a lot of bad things happened back then, too; a lot of good intentions gone askew, permissiveness, etc.. Climb out of the frigging progressive (good guy vs. bad guy) bubble once in a while, will you?

  3. BEFORE the civil rights movement, black marriages actually had a higher success rate than white ones. They wanted "equal," and I guess they got it, because now they don't even bother to GET married.

  4. Will - This post, in so few words said volumes.

    Progressives going back to the early 70's when I was in my early twenties {and every since} have shown their inability to consider any views that are outside their range of narrow vision.

    Yours is perhaps the most accurate critic of progressives I have read in some time. And from a moderate none the less.

    Thank you for your insight.

  5. I think that one of the worst decisions of the welfare state (which I'm not ENTIRELY opposed to, truth be known) was when they allowed female welfare recipients to live with their boyfriends and still get their entire benefits. While it may have been a well-intentioned policy back then, I think that it also may have fostered more in terms of dependency/a sense of entitlement.......Oh, and, yeah, you're welcome, btw.

  6. Will - My comment absolutely extends to your follow up post! And takes it to the next level of objectivity.

  7. You're right, it's all the dirty hippies fault. They are the ones who took the jobs away to create dependency. Sheesh!

    My point is this. Vanishing jobs, austerity for the non-elites, more political representation for the elites, less representation for the public interests, etc, all worsened since Reagan, not the sixites. Families, not just black families, have suffered. Black and white families have also survived, but since Reagan, fewer of both have been intact. This is the fact you are missing.

    Get it?

  8. No, I'm not missing that point (though, no, I don't necessarily blame Reagan for ALL OF IT - there's also globalization, inertia in the teaching profession, etc.). I understand that things have gotten worse.......You, Dave, are the one who's missing the point. It was during the 60s (you're familiar with the Moynihan Report, right?) that the disintegration of the black family started; a time of the Great Society and strong economic growth - not during the Reagan years. Am I citing an absolute causation here? Of course not. But the correlation is at least somewhat interesting - no?


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