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A Troubling Development

by: Les Carpenter
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Representative Alan West, a man of integrity that served his country with honor, and has been a vocal advocate for limited government just voted against a proposal to scrap a 100 million dollars in funding {part of ObamaCare} for school based health centers. Representative West voted for the repeal of ObamaCare yet he questions the validity of attempting to dismantle ObamaCare piece by piece. Especially in light of the reality that the democratic controlled senate will resist any such measures.

Representative West's spokesperson gave the following explanation:

West spokeswoman Angela Sachitano said in an email that the congressman “believes there are bigger funding issues to be focusing on right now including the numerous developments in the Middle East, concerning Pakistan and whether there is a link to [Osama bin Laden] and the recent unity agreement with the [Palestinian Authority] and Fatah and Hamas."

He also questioned the House’s continued efforts to dismantle the healthcare law on a piecemeal basis, she said.

“He voted to repeal Obamacare, and it was dead on arrival in the Senate,” Sachitano said. “He questions what the goal is of chipping away like this if it’s almost certain that the Senate is not going to take it up.

Indeed these are valid considerations and measured thought ought to be given to them. However, at the end of the day one must decide whether standing firm on principle is the proper course of action or whether pragmatism is the appropriate and better course. In this issue Rep. West chose pragmatism. To what end remains to be seen.

West has been a strong advocate of cutting spending and has pushed the GOP leadership to be more aggressive in efforts to curtail the profligate spending that begin under the stewardship of President G.W. Bush and has greatly accelerated under President B.H. Obama. This is why his decision {vote}on the funding for school-based health centers has GOP leadership puzzled.

“He voted to repeal Obamacare, and it was dead on arrival in the Senate,” Sachitano said. “He questions what the goal is of chipping away like this if it’s almost certain that the Senate is not going to take it up.”

A day earlier, West voted in favor of a GOP bill to strip funds from the state-based insurance exchanges created by the 2010 healthcare law. Sachitano would not say why West supported that bill but not the second measure targeting school health centers.

A frequent speaker at Tea Party rallies, West has pushed the GOP leadership to be more aggressive on cutting spending. His actions this week flummoxed members of the conference, a GOP aide said.

While I can understand Rep. West's argument with respect to the senates unlikely willingness to vote a piecemeal dismantling of ObamaCare, the nations worst legislation of this century, I am struggling with the following.

The aide said West and his chief of staff were urging Republicans to vote against the health center bill on the grounds that Congress should be solely focused on the conflict in Libya and asserting its constitutional prerogatives under the War Powers Act. The aide said West was “sorely mistaken and is out of step with the rest of his conference.”

Sachitano denied the account and said West had merely informed the whip’s office of his stated reasons for opposing the bill.

West’s district in south Florida includes two applicants for federally-funded school-based health centers: North Broward Health District and the Palm Beach County Health Department. Neither entity returned calls on Friday.

As much as I, and perhaps millions of others would like to believe Rep. West voted on sound and proper ethical principles this is a troubling development. I am sure most can see why.

Read the full story at The Hill.

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  1. Wait a minute, so he wants to see ObamaCare repealed, but he questions the viability of doing it by chipping away at funding its parts? There is no other way to stop it right now except through chipping away at funding.

    We've known that, that's exactly what the heck he was sent to DC do DO until we could send more congresscritters and change the president in 2012. This is, indeed, very worrying. Very.

  2. There's a lot of myth to the belief that spending has "greatly accelerated under President B.H. Obama."

    Take the "bailout," which you guys so adolescently call the ARRA - which theoretically could account for almost two-thirds of the deficit.

    288 billion went for tax cuts, credits, rebates, exemptions, etc.

    Another 284 billion went to help the states fund unemployment, which, as any non-brain damaged person knows started shooting up at the very end of the Bush administration, and to fund Medicare, Medicaid, and all sorts of other programs run through the states, because the states went broke during the massive recession brought on by the Bush years.

    The same goes for most of the 207 billion spent on infrastruture, science, eductaion and energy.

    That's what the vast majority of that money went to: to fund already existing programs, run by the states, that were either overwhelmed by the recession's victims, or could (or would) not be funded at the state because of the recession.


    It's so $#@!@# stupid to say otherwise, it automatically incurs Hyena-like laughter from any intelligent and informed peron.

    If the economy had not been in such bad shape, I highly dount Obama would have increased spending over any long term in any significant way. In fact, looking at recent history, he would have probably streamlined and saved a lot of money, especially from discretionary spending.

    As for Alan West... I never thought he was all that honorable. He probably doesn't really believe half what he says. Why this would surprise anyone is beyond me. His rhetoric was always shifty.


  3. JMJ - Really? Projecting again? Looking in the mirror?

    Get real man, your so high on hopium you have tunnel vision.

  4. Fuzzy Slippers - I know, this is discouraging in a way and certainly bears watching.

    I have been a big West fan since he hit the scene. This is giving me reason for pause.

  5. While West's vote is concerning, The Hill tells only the story of bagging a teaparty fav and not of the courage in particular behind Rep. Dold's vote. I outline the whole story behind The Hill story on my blog if you want to read it in perspective.

  6. Nacilbupera - I'll stop in an check it out.

  7. Les, what the hell are you talking about? What "hopium?" What a strange non sequitur. I just said we were screwed no matter what, and you're talking about "hopium?" What planet do you live on? I don't have any hope! This country is screwed. We have become so stupid, so deluded, so disillusioned, we don't have a way to fix our problems anymore. Obama is just another status quo president trying to float the boat of state. It's all he can do. Meanwhile, you righties want to make things even worse!


  8. It's the leftists who are causing the problems, JMJ, on just about every domestic issue.

    How about jobs? Boeing wants to open up a new manufacturing line in the American South. Obama's NRLB is trying to get them to stop it.... strongly encouraging Boeing to open the plant in another country.


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