Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Threat of Radical Islam... and the Progressives Failure to Comprehend It

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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The internet is flaming with exclusive info that bin Laden had porn in his compound. To which I say big {fill in the blanks} deal! Is it not more important we understand the threat this thankfully deceased crazed Arabic madman, and his surviving henchmen continue to pose for the entire civilized western world?

Is it not time the world recognizes the evil that is inherent in not only Islamic extremism but in the Koran itself? Many in the civilized western world simply refuse to recognize the extreme threat that the ideology of Islam presents.

The argument often heard is that the extreme element of Islam is but a small percentage of the world's Muslim population . This may well be true. The Pew Research Center projects that in 2030 Muslims will constitute only a 26.4% share of the worlds population. However, when looked at in raw numbers the Muslim population is projected to account for 2.2 billion of total world population.

Using the 2.2 billion figure, and an estimate that 6% of Muslims are extremist, the number of extremists in 2030 will be approximately 2.6 million. Many of which will be linked to Islamic terrorist groups such as the PLO, HamasHezbollah, al Qaeda, as well Iran. All which  are, or will be seeking  nuclear capabilities.

Western civilization in general, and American culture specifically, can chose to ignore the threat radical Islam presents today and for the foreseeable future. However, if not checked through education, and stopping the flow of  radical Islamists and Jihadists into our nation{s} we face the very real threat of losing our identity, our culture, and our liberty.

 If the worldwide progressive movement succeeds in convincing the people of the world , and that includes the people of the United States, that  their misguided and naive belief Islam is a benevolent and peaceful religion then we will indeed live in a vastly different, and significantly less free world.

The choice is ours America. Are we yet sufficiently schooled in the virtues of liberty, religious freedom, and respect for all ethical and moral values to stand for right and our way of life? The life our founding fathers once fought so valiantly to secure for themselves and their posterity.

If my words have not given you food for thought perhaps the following will.

More from an earlier time.

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