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More From the Buffoonish Moore

by: Les Carpenter
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Hear ye Hear ye, the sage of the progressive (and very deluded) left has spoken out on the justified bin Laden extermination. It is the opinion of the great oracle Micheal Moore, and his self anointed superior intellect, that bin Laden should have been captured alive and brought to trial.

Wait. Is the oh so wise one taking issue with his leader on the left? Do I detect a splintering of the hopium coalition? But I digress.

Mr. Moore, oops I mean the progressive oracle had this to say:
"We've lost something of our soul here in this country," he said of the mission to kill the al Qaeda leader rather than capture him and try him in court
Yeah  right, Oh Great Oracle. After all bin Laden, the vermin and scum of the earth, who took responsibility for 911, thus admitting his quilt is deserving of a trial? One that no doubt would have run into years and many millions of American taxpayers dollars.

Only you Mr. Moore {and I use the Mr. loosely in your case} would come out with such reprehensible and irrational drivel. Even our progressive President got this one right. Perhaps you ought to move to Pakistan, or Afghanistan, or perhaps Iran. Wherever. Just do this nation a favor and leave. The quicker the better.

More from the extremist Muslim sympathizer.
The liberal filmmaker ripped Americans' disregard for a trial and their support of an assassination. "The second you say that, you're saying that you hate being an American," he huffed. "You hate what we stand for, you hate what our constitution stands for....We should be standing up and saying 'listen, damn it, we're Americans. This is the way we do it. You commit a crime, we put you on trial.'"

As for the Americans who would not want a terrorist trial to take place in civilian courts in New York City? They are "wusses," according to Moore. "You hear stuff like that and it's like, what are we? A bunch of wusses....We're afraid to even put out and have a trial because somebody might get hurt or they might get mad in some other part of the world and plan to hurt us?"

Is it just me or is this guy living in some kind of surreal dream world?

bin Laden was not an American citizen. He plotted and successfully executed the mass murder of American citizens on our shores. And he proudly accepted responsibility for his heinous actions. What else did President Obama need?

Perhaps those of us who consider ourselves fiscal conservatives ought to hope Obama appoints Moore his campaign manger for his 2012 reelection effort. Just wishful thinking.

Anyhoo... Read more right here.

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  1. Don't forget that Moore also called for union thugs (hard to call them workers) to engage in violence against governments like those in Wisconsin that were simply wanting to waste less money on handouts to the well-off.

    As for Moore's point:

    "As for the Americans who would not want a terrorist trial to take place in civilian courts in New York City?"

    Well, this would have been OK with me, with two conditions:

    1) Osama would not have been allowed to make silly speeches and use this as a propaganda victory.

    2) Lawyers defending him would be prohibited from lying in court and trying to get him to escape justice (imagine that, lawyers behaving in a responsible and honest fashion!)


    Anyway, an aside. I know Moore. I think he's an OK guy, and he has done many good things on a local level, even though he rarely has any idea what he is talking about when it comes to politics.

  2. Another comment. Yeah, I think Obama got this right. But a "second thought" occured to me: if there was one good alternative, it might have been to spirit away Osama to a "black site" prison in Eastern Europe so we could get information from him.

    And yeah, Osama is in his heaven with 17 vegans or whatever. But imagine if he had been allowed to live... what could be more of a hell to a man like him than to see a world where Al Qaeda is being defeated, and Jews are still allowed to live?

  3. Les,

    You said:
    "Is it just me or is this guy living in some kind of surreal dream world?"

    I think that was a rhetorical question, was it not? :)

    Donald in Bethel, CT

  4. I've always said you're neer wrong to play it safe. Killing Bin Laden was the safe play. Taking him alive would have required more troops and who knows what else with the ensuing risks.

    This joker has cost enough lives.

    Sorry to not be on your side this time Mr. Moore.

  5. "Wait. Is the oh so wise one taking issue with his leader on the left? Do I detect a splintering of the hopium coalition? But I digress."

    Well, that's just juvenile. Obama is not the "leader" of "the Left" by any stretch. He's been a pretty effective and generally positive executive, but he's no Lefty. He never was. He center-left at best. Only a fool would think otherwise. You're not a fool. C'mon.

    "Is it just me or is this guy living in some kind of surreal dream world?"

    Well, yes. That's Michael Moore. His critique of the Bin Laden killing is consistant and honest, as Moore always is. I disagree with him on several levels, but then again, he's not the "leader" of the Left either. No one is. Just as there is no leader of the Right right now. We're at an odd time in history.


  6. I actually would agree with this statement if we had another president. With Holder put in charge there is no way I would want to see a trial. I am 100% against the death penalty in every circumstance, so I would rather that he were captured, tried, then put in a 8 x 8 with large burly women guarding him watching home movies of the people he killed on a 24/7 loop. I am not sorry that he is no longer a threat to our nation.
    But, I can't even imagine what a mess it would be if he were taken alive.

  7. JMJ said: "....Obama is not the "leader" of "the Left" by any stretch."

    He's leftist, and he is the "leader of the free world". And yes, he is certainly a leftist whcn you measure from the political center.

    "He center-left at best. Only a fool would think otherwise."

    Actually, an informed person would recognize that our current President is a leftist.

    One thing you are correct on is that there is no "leader of the right".

  8. dmarks,

    Obama is not a Leftist. That's just stupid. He's a "moderate" by any political standard. Yes, he's been very effective for some causes of the Left, but that's only because he's a deft politician. He's ben just as deft appeasing the Right.


  9. Michael Moore is the biggest hypocrite in the galaxy. He rails against capitalism but has a huge portfolio. He calls everybody else a bigot and then refuses to hire minorities himself. I'll bet that if Michael Moore ever saw a Muslim or Arab on a plane, he'd get the hell off so fast that your head would spin.

  10. Get this, Les. On "Bowling for Columbine", "The Big One", "Canadian Bacon", "Pets or Meat", "Roger and Me", "TV Nation", and "The Awful Truth", Michael Moore hired 134 producers, editors, cinematographers, composers, and production coordinators. You know how may of them were African American? THREE! Yeah, that's right, after birching and moaning about the industry's 5% hiring rate for African Americans, this clown hires them at at barely a 2% clip. I'm sorry, but this clown is as lowball as it gets.

  11. What a dumbass. Can you imagine the farce it would have turned into had we captured this POS?

    The ACLU lawyers, the press, the Europeans...

    Thank God we had the forethought to simply cap him and dump him in the ocean.

  12. Everybody take note of Wills researched and accurate information. As they say... From the center often the truth is known.

  13. Silver - OMG! Soon the left will be calling you a Islamaphobe! ;)

  14. Truth - Good to see you dot this one right.

  15. Listen, I'll be honest:

    If there were ever to be a "zombie apocalypse", I would personally hang around with Moore and then make sure the zombies ate him so I could make an escape. He could feed the entire world of the dead for at least a week.

    Just sayin'.

    Donald in Bethel, CT

  16. JMJ said: "Obama is not a Leftist. That's just stupid. He's a "moderate" by any political standard."

    Measure from the political center. You will find that on the issues he is a leftist, not a moderate. JMJ, you might be making the big blunder of measuring from you own point of view, rather than from the center.

    Will: It seems clear that Michael Moore hires on competence instead of skin color. Which is the opposite of affirmative action. Some of these employees are my friends and neighbors.


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