Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mike Huckabee Opting Out of a 2012 Run for the Whitehouse

by:Les Carpenter
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Ex Arkansas Governor, and 2008 republican presidential candidate announced on his Fox News show today he was opting out of a 2012 presidential run. Really it comes as no surprise as he is having a ball doing what he lovs and does well. Certainly monetary considerations had an impact on his decision. He is undoubtedly hauling down a heck of a lot more in the private sector than he would as president.

Excerpts from Fox News report.

"All the factors say go, but my heart says no," Huckabee, who was considered the GOP frontrunner in several national polls, said on his Fox News Channel."

"The past few months have been times of deep personal reflection," Huckabee said. "Even though I wasn't actively establishing a campaign organization or seeking financial support to run again, polls have consistently put me at or near the top to be the Republican nominee."

"But I know that under the best of circumstances, being President is a job that takes one to the limit of his or her human capacity," he continued. "I can't know or predict the future, but I know for now my answer is clear and firm: I will not seek the Republican nomination for President this year."

"I had not done much toward a race because my life was filled with work that I truly love here at Fox News, doing radio commentaries on my daily Huckabee Report on 600 radio stations, traveling the country for speaking engagements, and helping good conservative, pro-life candidates who were running for office..."

"The obligation is to love your country and serve it the best way you can. If that's being a candidate, then yes. If it's maybe in another role, maybe that's it..." {Read More} and catch the video of Huck's announcement.

So, what does it all mean? In my razor sharp analysis it simply means Huckabee has concluded BHO will win the presidency for a second term in 2012 regardless of his challenger. Mike will resurface as the republican front runner early on in 2016 and when there will be no incumbent running for reelection.

He simply believes his odds of taking the Oval Office are significantly better in 2016.

Anyone willing to bet on what Palin's and Trump's decision is going to be?

Via: Memeorandum


  1. I had a feeling, Les. The money is just too good over at Fox.

  2. That and 2016 likely provides his best oppurtunity to take the seat of power.

    Given his somewhat fundamentalist Christian proclivities he worries me a bit.

    But I'm saving that for another day.


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