Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who was Trump’ed?

By: Pamela D. Hart

President Obama released his long form birth certificate yesterday and said, "This issue has been going on for two, two and a half years now. I think it started during the campaign. I have watched with bemusement, I've been puzzled at the degree at which this thing just kept on going."

He’s correct, the issue has been going on since the campaign, and during that time-frame, no one, not even lawyers, have been able to get the President to release his birth certificate.

Then, Donald Trump comes into the arena and the media gobbled up and promoted him and the Birther movement because he packaged it with a pretty bow and powerful words, which gave it serious momentum, and ultimately forced the President to release that mysterious piece of paper that those Birthers were certain had invisible script which proved Obama was an alien from outer-space.

This entire Birther movement is ridiculous to me in more ways than one. First, I do NOT believe that the President wasn't born in Hawaii. Second, I am ticked that so much time and effort has been wasted on this non-issue and feel that our media and our President are partially to blame.

Obama admitted that he watched for over two years in “bemusement” and that he released his birth certificate because he doesn’t want to distract from the real issues. Um, excuse me, but haven’t we had “real” issues for the last two years? Hasn’t our economy, unemployment, two wars and a deficit out our wazoo been important?

This “issue” could’ve been put to rest over two years ago had the President just released the darn birth certificate when first asked. But no. Rather than be a leader, he participated in the dog and pony show and acted like a spoiled child. Whatever his reasons were for withholding his birth certificate don’t matter. There were citizens, whom he serves as President of the United States, who questioned something, and it’s his DUTY as Commander-in Chief, to put those citizens at ease, not divide them, not distract from the issues and certainly not add to the divisiveness. Now, whether those individuals would’ve accepted what he released is debatable, but I personally think that the delay in releasing the birth certificate only enhanced the movement.

I’m not a Birther, but there are those, starting with the Hillary Clinton supporters, who believe he’s not a citizen and even though he has now produced the official birth certificate, they will continue with their silly conspiracy theories. I have to believe, however, that had the President produced his birth certificate two years ago, this fiasco wouldn’t have the traction it has today. But delaying it only gave the Birthers ammunition—he has something to hide, blah, blah. So, in reality, the President has himself to blame.

Then our media— and you all know how much I adore them! (insert eye roll here). They not only jumped on the Birther bandwagon but helped move that wagon along. With their endless stories, interviews and, yes carnival shows. It’s been non-stop. They don’t report serious news anymore, they report what they think will give them ratings and what’s better for ratings than the President’s a closet Muslim from Kenya pretending to be a citizen! The press gobbled it up faster than pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and stumbled over each other to get to the printing presses!

The saddest thing, though, is no one learned a dog-gone thing from this. The press will still go after their carnival shows and promote non-issue stories that won’t educate the public and our politicians, including our President, will still do what’s in the best interest for themselves.

So, Obama may have been “Trump-ed”, but in the end, the American people were, too, because we still aren’t getting what we pay for—honest, responsible, caring government and a reliable media that's supposed to be our "watch-dog".

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  1. Isn't there a military guy in jail right now who refused to be deployed because Obama wouldn't share his long form? I guess he can go now. So, Obama will show it for Trump, but not to keep a guy out of jail?

  2. For the conspiracy theorists, this changes nothing.

    Trump is full of crap, and he was a registered democrat in NY during the Giuliani and Pataki years.

    This issue is a distraction and allows lefties to scream RACIST! at everyone the the right of Jesse Jackson.

    Let's focus on the issues!

  3. Pam,

    Why did Barack Obama have to show his birth certificate? I have been around since Eisenhower and no President has had to show his birth certificate: It was never brought up and never a questioned asked.

    Why is Barack Obama being held to a different standard? Because he is BLACK!

    HR...the man in question was drummed out of the military for refusing to serve.

  4. TAO - Always it is raaaaacism to the left. I'm sick of your implied BS.

  5. Thats because it is RAAAACISM....plain and simple!

  6. >no President has had to show his birth certificate: It was never brought up and never a questioned asked

    There's never been a president as questionable as the Fop in Chief. The more we learn about him, the worse it gets. His perceived race (he's as much Caucasian as he is Black) is irrelevant. His questionable background is very relevant.

  7. His background wasn't an issue in 2008 to a majority of Americans....and it doesn't look like it is going to matter much in 2012 with the stable of candidates the Republicans have got to pick from.

  8. Ah, by the way RN, you will have to quit referring to me as "The Left" because last week I received my member in good standing to the Republican Party and one from the Tea Party Patriots!

  9. TAO - How would you prefer to be addressed?

  10. What makes the whole "Birther" thing so stupid is the President's impressive and worldly personal background. To assail Obama's past is a cheap, pyrrhic play for the Republican votes of racists and morons. Why would anyone even want people like that on their side?

    Obama's first and first big book - born of his Ivy League stardom - spelled out his entire background with all the notes any investigator could investigate.

    Look at it this way: If Obama was anything other than what he says he is, somebody, someone, anybody, anyone, someone, somebody, would have exposed him by now. DUH.

    The answer is obvious: Obama is one of us. A complicated, conflicted, driven, proud American. It's actually something I really like about him. Otherwise, he's a Wall Street dipshit.


  11. Rational people can agree that Obama was born here, and that he has the right to hold the office he holds by virtue of having been duly elected.

    "The Donald", and the rest of the birther's are wasting their and everybody else's time with this.

  12. TAO,

    You and your ilk have shouted "Racism!" so much over the slightest inferred infractions that for those of us who know better, it is simply childish and weak.

    Race-baiters like you are the real modern-day plantation masters. Conservatives offer equality through character, but your kind can only see the world in black and white. Typical.

    Donald in Bethel, CT

  13. Can anyone here deny the FACT that President Obama has played basketball once or twice since taking office? Nope.

    Does President Obama play basketball because he's black or is he a black American who happens to play basketball?

    If I say that the majority of NBA professional players are black, does this make me a racist who is trying to stereotype all of black America?

    Mr. Trump plays golf. If President Obama said, "Maybe Mr. Trump should get off the golf course and concentrate on running his businesses," would that be racist? It is common knowledge that Mr. Trump plays golf and that he is a white fella. Golf is not exactly known for being racially diverse, so it would seem to me that to say anything about Mr. Trump and golf would have the same phantom racist impetus as what Mr. Trump said about President Obama and basketball.

    Or does my theory collapse because Mr. Trump is white?

    The NAACP (National Association For the Advancement of Colored People) is okay, but if a group was formed that had the title of NAAWP, well now, that would be racism, wouldn't it?


    I thought the election of a man who is truly an African -American (Dad-Kenya/Mom-America) would put to rest the victimized race card-throwers of the liberal left...I mean, the majority of America, (which is still predominantly white according to the most recent reports), voted for Barack Obama to be our President. How much more non-racist can you get?

    Donald in Bethel, CT

  14. >His background wasn't an issue in 2008 to a majority of Americans

    And so, thanks to all the gullible morons that voted for that jackal, an incompetent thug without any verifiable meaningful experience made his way into the White House, and continues each day to prove his incompetence and thuggishness. On his better days, he's a bumbling clown. I don't care where he was born. I just sincerely wish that he never had been.

  15. Donald, when you demand a birth certificate of one candidate and not the others, and the only difference between the candidates is one is black and the others are white...that
    s Racism...

    It really is simple and you need to quit deluding yourself by avoiding the obvious. the voter educated voters voted for Obama in overwhelming numbers....

    Thus, if by "morons" you mean those who lack intelligence then they voted against Obama in overwhelming numbers....

  16. >college educated voters

    "College-educated" hasn't meant much in a long, long time. Apparently you haven't kept up on the decreasing admission and graduation standards at universities throughout the United States. The sharp devaluation of a diploma (both from a financial and an educational standpoint) has been well documented.

    >if by "morons" you mean those who lack intelligence

    In today's university, intelligence is not a requirement for graduation. In fact, some of the stupidest people I have ever met have been big-name PhD-holders at big-name universities.

    However, I supposed I should modify the somewhat ambiguous "moron" to include those who have the intellectual capacity yet chose not to use it. To standardize with the label I have used elsewhere, I'll go with "intellectually slothful emo-girl." That really does sum up the typical supporter of the Fop in Chief (and the Fop himself) more fully than "moron" anyway.

  17. >The answer is obvious: Obama is one of us.

    Not tired of the self-parody yet?

  18. TAO,

    >>Donald, when you demand a birth certificate of one candidate and not the others, and the only difference between the candidates is one is black and the others are white...that
    s Racism...

    Wow. For someone who touts themself as so enlightened and world-wise, you are actually nothing more than a banshee shrill of weak-minded and victimhood mentality with a little bit of income.

    Seriously, it must suck to be you and live in a woerld of constantly seeking to be able to cry "Racism!" at all those imaginary ghosts of white privilege.


    Isn't there some black guy somewhere you could be convincing that he is worthless and needs white liberals to help him?

    Donald in Bethel, CT


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