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Truly We are Facing the Enemy Within... On College Campuses

by: Les Carpenter
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The image of our American flag, with a hammer and sickle where the fifty stars belongs sickens me. It sickens me to the point of anger. What sickens me even more, just as as it should all who desire liberty and the right to prosper based on your own merit is this... There is an organized and growing effort to defeat American capitalism and the liberty that it creates.

The progressive movement, which is in reality synonymous with communist socialism, has of course been around since the early 20th century in America. And it has insidiously been working to undermine our American value system every since. Sadly, given the obvious and growing reliance on government, and the increasing socialist statism brought to us complements of "The Barry", the progressive plan for America seems to be working.

Our institutions of so called higher learning are becoming cesspools of progressive thought. A case in point, Tony Pecinovsky a Communist Party USA representative spoke to students at the University of Missouri in St. Louis advising them that the American flag is racist.

From Breitbart's Big Government.
While claiming the American flag represents racism and discussing today’s Progressive Movement’s efforts to defeat America both at home and abroad, including on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan to help their international “comrades,” Communist Tony Pecinovsky pulls the mask off today’s Progressive Movement in two new exclusive Big Government videos of a University of Missouri course offering, already much in the news.

While discussing “the idea that the American flag is racist,” in the video below, Pecinovsky mentions a 2005 international youth festival in Venezuela sponsored by the World Federation of Democratic Youth(WFDY).

Pecinovsky brags that the WFDY is officially recognized by the United Nations. He also defines Cuba, Venezuela, and others as genuinely ”progressive,” the very same code word today’s entire American Left uses for itself. That would include the Obama administration and today’s Democrat Party, which it has finally managed to take over. In deed, in the second video, Pecinovsky touts their linkage to such so-called mainstream efforts, including trade unions.

The Young Communist League(YCL) sent 700 young Americans to Venezuela for the event. There, claims Pecinovsky, they had to actually engage in internal debate as to whether, or not to display the American flag next to the flags of countries like Cuba and Venezuela. If they did, it would be only so as to reclaim it from representing racism and what he calls the Right Wing. That includes the Bush administration, as Pecinovsky later reveals. 


Pecinovsky goes on in the next video to describe how what he calls Progressive Internationalism can effectively isolate and defeat the right. IE: American values and what is left of capitalism.

Pecinovsky defines Progressive Internationalismin terms of how to isolate and defeat what he calls the “ultra Right” in the US. Bear in mind, to him, that term means free market Capitalism and traditional forms of liberty America has traditionally embraced, as well as the previous Bush administration. When speaking of the Left’s “Iraqi comrades,” and again in speaking about Afghanistan, Pecinovsky’s and the greater Left’s view is, they are organizing domestically to beat America abroad, as well as at home, including while we are at war.

Lest some critics want to dismiss Pecinovsky as some far Leftist fanatic, one only need look to the Peace Movement - which he also addresses, to understand how his progressivism is the very same as that of today’s mainstream Democratic Party. In many ways, it was said Peace Movement and its propaganda, circulated by a complicit media, that so tipped the scales against former President Bush, opening the way for Obama to win the WHite House in 2008.

It was former Democrat Vice President Al Gore who accused then President Bush of betraying the country over Iraq, not some minor Communist activist lecturing a class in Missouri. Those unwilling, or unable to make the very real connection between a Pecinovsky and the Democrat administration we currently have in Washington are simply putting their heads in the sand.


Indeed, as Micheal Savage so correctly has said time and time again, we are truly facing The Enemy Within. {Read More}.

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  1. This shouldn't sicken you. This is what Obama is trying to bring to the U.S. Question is, how "sick" are you, and what are you willing to do to stop it?


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