Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reality as it Really Is

by: Les Carpenter
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Wonder of wonders... our inept government managed to give the American people a 38.5 billion minuscule and meaningless cut to a proposed one trillion trillion dollar budget.

So, putting this aside, the next big battle will be over raising the debt ceiling. Hopefully the rational among lawmakers will hold their ground and do some serious relection and very hard bargaining.

What we need to do to lower the debt ceiling. Force the Leviathan over blotted obese federal government to control it's insatiable appetite to continually go on gorging itself at the nations expense.

As a nation we need to accept once again two very basic concepts. First is to understand that self reliance is a virtue and that depending on the government to take care of you is a misguided and destructive course of action. Or better put, misguided course of inaction. Second is the absolute necessity to accept we must begin living within our means.

There are a few very simple solutions to our impending national crisis. Both the left and the right are going to crucify me for what I am about to say. But it must be said. So here goes:
  • Reduce or discontinue all foreign aid
  • Significantly reduce the Military Industrial Complex by cutting defense spending to levels that support ONLY our self defense requirements
  • Restructure the welfare state so as to encourage and reward self sufficiency and self reliance 
  • Focus on fair trade rather than free trade that benefits our competition at the expense of the American worker and industrial base
That's it folks. Have at it as I am quite sure that there are many from both sides who are chomping at the bit to  point out the many flaws in my short list of solutions. Please feel welcome to do so. Only by open and frank discussions will we ever solve our myriad of national problems.

Now to point out one of our national problems. Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat New York. I managed to listen through his tiring drivel. Having done so I must say it served to reinforce that which we as conservatives and Libertarians must resit as well as work hard and diligently to replace in Congress.


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  1. i would put it more simply les, to reduce the federal debt;

    1. Stop interfering in the lives of people by giving the States back their right of sovereignty over the people as the Constitution declares. that by itself would eliminate the federal debt faster than anything.

  2. It's amazing you have so much in common with a progressive like me. Makes ya' wonder, huh?

    "Reduce or discontinue all foreign aid"

    Here, I mostly, kind of, disagree with you, but it's such a drop in the federal bucket, I'm not sure why you brought it up in the first place.

    It's a tiny part of the budget, but it does a ton of good. We get a huge bang for the buck for every poor people we help feed, educate, and give medicine, and of course it's just the right thing to do.

    We the People, as a nation, as the United States of America, should do things like that whenever we can, within reason, because we're a great power - we are the single most important power on the planet.

    You should live with that. I think it's an honor.

    Now, if you're talking military aid, that's a different matter, and I then probably 50% agree with you.

    "Significantly reduce the Military Industrial Complex by cutting defense spending to levels that support ONLY our self defense requirements"

    And bango, we come to the meat. It is the single largest expenditure in the whole system (though SS is close or even past it by now), and of course therefore the largest discretionary expenditure by far.

    "Restructure the welfare state so as to encourage and reward self sufficiency and self reliance"

    That would involve increasing spending. There's no other way to do it. History teaches us that as an obvious fact.

    "Focus on fair trade rather than free trade that benefits our competition at the expense of the American worker and industrial base"

    This is extremely important. If we can grow our way out of this swamp - and by "grow" I mean actually start making things again - we could force the dollar up abroad to withstand domestic inflation.

    In other words: rather than restraining domestic expansion to control inflation, allow both to increase by hedging against the value of the dollar abroad.

    We can compete. We are a highly productive people. But we can't compete with people who live in certain low-cost, poor economies.

    This is not crazy liberal-speak. Free trade is wrecking this country. It is a race to the labor bottom of the world. Please, think about that.

    This gets to the worst mistake conservatives in this country ever made: utterly destroying the labor movement. We are already, and apparently more every day, suffering the destruction of the labor movement.

    The middle class is shrinking, the working poor now far, far outnumber the underclass, and we have an unusually large number of idle rich.

    It was (almost) always the unions that fought for fair trade. They understood from experience in post-war Europe and Japan that one day we would have to compete with these powers hand to hand, and we can compete. And we have. We've had our ups and downs, but we've mostly benefited from trade with equal partners.

    "Competing" with theocracies, monarchies, juntas, communists, totalitarians, kleptocracies, corporatocracies, is a race to the bottom.

    I'm an American. I love my country. I say we come first. The rich obviously have everything they need for now. It's time they pay the piper, or this great nation will fail, and so will they. They can't keep whoring us out to the third f'n world forever.


  3. @Griper,

    Hear, hear! 10th Amendment, all the way.

    Can you imagine the strength of this? States actually governing their own way?

    I am light-headed at the possibilities!

    Donald in Bethel, CT


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