Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MSNBC Guest David Cay Johnston: Paul Ryan a Domestic Terrorist Sympathizer?

by the Left Coast Rebel

MSNBC is a great outlet to catch the occasional common ah-ha absurd leftist Freudian slip or honest admission. The latest faux pas was committed by some leftist fool author and Pulitzer Prize-winning "journalist" named David Cay Johnston. David Cay Johnston thinks that Representative Paul Ryan's (R-WI) affection for late individualist and human liberty defender Ayn Rand likens him to a domestic terrorist -- or in the least, someone that relates to a domestic terrorist.

David Cay Johnston's deductive logic goes like this:
  • Paul Ryan is a big fan of Ayn Rand and instructs those around him to read her work.
  • Ayn Rand wrote The Fountainhead.
  • In The Fountainhead, the fictional hero architect (who embodies many of Rand's ideal man attributes) Howard Roark, sabotages a building because it wasn't built to his specifications.
  • Paul Ryan wants to blow up buildings and kill people because he is a fan of Rand and has a plan to right America's big-government Leviathan (that I don't think is nearly radical enough, but it's a start).

Watch this tool for yourself:

Via Memeorandum, cross posted to LCR.

Updated: I wonder what my friends Les Carpenter and Shane Atwell -- both Objectivists, ie. followers of Ayn Rand -- have to say about this?

Updated x2: Here's Howard Roark's courtroom speech in defense of dynamiting the Courtland building. Gary Cooper plays Roark in the 1949 film based on The Fountainhead:


  1. When did he say Ryan was "pro-terrorist?" I didn't hear anything like that.

    Man, you guys are sooooo hypersensitive. Which is funny of course, because so was that jack-ass of a character from the Rand novel! LOL!


  2. Speaking of jackasses! Straight from the school of Altruistic Thought and Collectivism.


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