Saturday, April 23, 2011

Love Doesn't Have an Ounce of Pride, As Far as I'm Concerned

I would pick up dog pooh for Barbara Stanwyck.


  1. AAAAAAGGGGHHHHH! Two posts in a row on which I agree with the authors at Rational Nation.

    TAO will disown me.

  2. TRUTH 101 - Finally. We have found common ground.

    Or would that be lust! ;)

  3. RN, I believe that Truth is also on board with some of our hotties over at Fox. Chicks is evidently the key here.

  4. If there were a "Like" button for that post, I would be machine-gun clicking it right now. Barbara Stanwyck is my absolute favorite actress of all time, with whoever is in second place coming in at a distant second place.

  5. I loved her in "Ball of Fire". Remember how she tried to kiss Gary Cooper but couldn't because of his height, and of how she resourcefully put those books on the floor to climb on? BOINNNNG!!!!


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