Sunday, April 10, 2011

"The Donald" and the Birther Issue

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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Two plus years into the unfortunate Presidency of Barrack Hussein Obama and there are those like "The Donald", Sarah Palin, and a host of others who refuse to let the whole "birther" issue die. Even given the state of Hawaii certified the Presidents birth in that state.

Keeping this issue on the front burner certainly plays well to a certain base of political activists and potential presidential candidates, but is a waste of time as well as a waste of resource. The money "The Donald" is spending to chase the the birther illusion would be better spent to expose the dangers inherent in the President's politics and philosophy on governance. But hey, it's "The Donald's" money and he can after all spend it as he sees fit.

The birther issue is a hollow attempt to expose the President as not being constitutionally able to serve as President of the United States. It is time for serious conservative candidates for the office in 2012 to spend time and resources in discrediting the Presidents leadership, policies, and political and ethical beliefs based on provable factual evidence and objective criteria.

The birther issue is nothing more than playing to the emotions of a certain base. What is amusing on the one hand, and befuddling on the other is that this kind of stuff is generally the hallmark of progressives.


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  1. Good post, Les. I agree with your overarching point in that King Obamas ineptitude needs to be exposed for what it is by daily examples...

    But Donald Trump's theatrics (because that is what they are) are meant for entertainment and of any issue, the "birther" issue for him has the biggest bang for the buck. It shows he is not serious in running and it shows just how ludicrously poor the GOP field is...

    We have no true conservative choice, at this point. Gingrich? Really? Palin? Um, no. Huckabee? Not quite. Romney? I share your opinion of him, precisely.

    Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, I would canvas my neiighborhood to support these guys but the rest of the field? No thanks, I'll vote libertarian.

  2. Tim - I like Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson. They have experience and that experience can be a strong point.

    Rand Paul, and Hermann Cain, while I like them both, lacking experience the left will use the same argument the conservatives used against Obama in 2008. Lack of real experience. And to some degree they would be correct. And I would also add Representative Allan West's name to the list of future serious potentials as well.

  3. Alas it is so, Les...on the other hand, The One was elected in a landslide despite the "lack of experience" and we live during unprecedented times so who knows?

  4. Les,

    No disrespect, and I am surely no Birther, but until a proper Birth Certificate is revealed, (as it should have been YEARS ago), I have my suspicions.

    I have seen what has been released to quell the accusations of his non-American status. It is a generic document with no supporting signatures. You and I could have created it with proper software and the right paper.

    I have my really real birth certificate from 1968 when I was really born in the US Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, FL. I have certified copies as well. Until President Obama produces a legitimate document to rival the veracity of mine, I will sit quietly and wonder what it is he is hiding. He spent 2 million bucks of his own money against this issue. No person would spend that kind of money if there wasn't something going on.

    How simple is it to produce the real birth certificate from what, 1961?, and silence all those who are pursuing this issue. I could do it. I cold do it in 2 minutes. Why hasn't President Obama?

    He owes it to us as the citizens of this Nation to be honest. (Oh, good googley moogley, I can't believe I said that with a straight face!)

    However, lest I be labeled a nutcase, a psycho, or a rabid Birther, (none of which apply to me I can assure your readers), President Obama is still our President and that's where it is right now.

    On paper and on paper only, Trump looks promising. But...he is Donald Trump, after all. Any credibility he may have in the political realm is harshly dashed by the fact he is Donald Trump.

    Thanks for listening.

    Donald in Bethel, CT


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