Friday, April 29, 2011

Birthers, "The Donald" and Leftist Playing the Race Card

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Birthplace of Independent Conservatism

The use of the race card has always been a tactic of the left. Democrat progressives have employed its use for years. The simple truth is democrats in particular, and the progressive movement in general, have used the race card for purely political purposes. Rather than acting as a unifying force the democrats and progressives have used race as a divisive tool to insure the election and re-election of their politicians.

Having said the above lets move on to the birther issue.

The birthers, who are mostly conservative, with "The Donald" as their most recent spokesperson, simply refuse to accept that President Obama is a United States citizen. Even after the President released his LFBC (long form birth certificate} many still question whether it is legitimate. To make matters worse 'The Donald questioned the President's grades implying they were not good enough for acceptance to Harvard Law, absence affirmative action.

There have been some that have implied Rational Nation USA is racist. Of course it has only been individuals on progressive sights that have done so. Yesterday I was asked by someone on a very progressive sight after they read my post  if I believed the President was born here. To which I replied by simply answering  yes.

So there can be no further question with respect to my position, Rational Nation USA accepts the legitimacy of the President's LFBC and believe he was born in Hawaii. He is a citizen of these United States and as such has every right to occupy the office to which a majority of Americans elected him. It is way past time to move beyond this issue and deal with the important issues facing our country.

I have written a few articles on race in America, specifically on racism. I find racism in any and all forms reprehensible. Racism is merely a form of collectivism, and it is the most vile. Racisms intent is to define an entire race, or ethnic group, not as individuals but rather as a collective based on race, ethnicity, or some other physical characteristic rather than he character of the individual.

Two articles written during 2010,  Racism... A True Perspective, and Racism... America's Fixation express Rational Nation's views on racism in more depth. My words speak for themselves and I stand by them. As well as standing by my opposition to any form of racism and bigotry.

Now for the final point. Yesterday while simply attempting to have a reasonable discussion { to most it would be considered reasonable}on a progressive sight I was subjected to the following.
This is the kind of hypocritical bullshit that pisses me off and gets RN deleted every time:

RN: “ … nor will I allow myself to be baited by you or anyone else on the site ever again.”

Bastard! How often has RN come to -----'s forum to taunt, bait, and ridicule readers! Yet, RN won’t tolerate the same bullshit at his own site. Speaking of harboring a self-serving double standard, I suppose the village idiot never heard of the Golden Rule which states: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Maybe the words duplicity, hypocrisy and dishonesty are too big for him to understand. Yet, there is more:

RN: “I bring my link to Shaw [sic] sight [sic] not [sic] to drive traffic, but to ask you [to] read my position in response to several snippets from other sites.”

I recall giving RN at least three warnings: NO MORE BLOG WHORING; yet the village idiot ignores all previous warnings and continues to use Shaw’s forum to advertise himself.

Perhaps, more to the point, if the jackass left quality comments that engaged and interested people, perhaps more readers might feel inclined to visit his blog of their own volition … without the constant, clawing blog whoring. Pourqois pas (why not)? Shoddy scholarship and predictably shopworn polemics written on a kindergarten level in murdered English: A high opinion of himself does not translate into a blog worth visiting.

RN: “With all due respect I carry water [sic] for no [sic] one. I also do not prohibit the posting of material that may not agree with RN or the general public.”

So RN don’t carry no ‘water’ for no-one, but if you give your stage to a racist, then you are what you eat. Perhaps the irony is too advanced for a village idiot to understand. Nor can he proof read and chew gum at the same time.
For those who regularly read my blog you know I have a very liberal and tolerant comment policy. In a nut shell it is, don't use cursing or vulgar language. Regulars also know that I do not delete comments I disagree with. The right to freely disagree with anyones political views or philosophy is part of  the bedrock of a democratic republic.

What the author {Octo}of the above vulgarity did not include is that when I left the link I said that if it offended anyone to please delete it. It was not deleted. I can only believe it is because it gave him the opportunity to go on a tirade and trash a conservative. For no reason other than the perverse pleasure and feeling of superiority it obviously gives him. Progressives like the one who penned the forgoing tirade are interested in only one thing. Absolute control.

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