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Palin Appoints Chief of Staff for Sarah PAC

by: Les Carpenter
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It's looking more and more as if the half term Governor from Alaska is priming for a 2012 Presidential run. This is not good news to those of us who actually want to see a person with conservtive bona fides and real gravitas in the white house.Sarah Palin is, in this writers opinion lacking in both.

I find it quite interesting that she turned to an old guard Republican operative {read RINO}in her choice to fill the chief of staff position on her political action committee, Sarah PAC. Michael Glassner, who served as a longtime adviser to Robert Dole has agreed to sign on to run Palin's political operation and possible bid for the presidency in 2010.

From CNN:
Sarah Palin has added a veteran Republican strategist to serve as chief-of-staff for her political action committee, Sarah PAC, CNN has learned.

Michael Glassner, an attorney and longtime adviser to former Kansas senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole, has signed on to steer the former Alaska governor's political operation as she considers a possible 2012 presidential bid.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Glassner managed vice presidential operations during John McCain's unsuccessful White House bid.

"We are happy and excited that Mike is joining our team," Sarah PAC Treasurer Tim Crawford told CNN.

Her choice of operatives certainly does not indicate with any degree of certainty where her real loyalties have a home. But I'm certain they are at the very least a good possible indicator. She is riding the TEA Party wave and riding it well. With the backing of the GOP power brokers she could in fact win her party's nomination.

That is what concerns me. It will certainly assure another four years with Obama siting in the Oval Office. Now THAT is scary!

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  1. Rational,

    You said:
    "This is not good news to those of us who actually want to see a person with conservative bona fides and real gravitas in the White House."

    Extra bonus points for the usage of the word "gravitas". Nicely done, sir!

    You also ended with:
    "That is what concerns me. It will certainly assure another four years with Obama siting in the Oval Office. Now THAT is scary!"

    I disagree. I disagree not because I feel you are an idiot, (surely not!), but on the premise alone that none of us can be assured of that. I am not a Palinista by any stretch. She is an amusing foil to the machinations of the rabid lamestream media, to be sure. But nothing more. She is not presidential material, but I could easily see her in a cabinet position of some kind.

    It is discouraging that she is again tapping the keg of RINO beer for anything. Of all people, she should know better than to align herself with ANYONE from the McCain Camp of Failure. I don't know if she feels obligated to McCain in some weird way, but honestly, he has nothing to offer her except for the continued scrutiny of true independent conservatives, and of course, the lamestream media. Attaching anything of his to her "campaign" is anathema to true independent conservatives, and she should realize this.

    However, (and I say this outside the box and simply as a strategist), it will be most interesting to see if she does indeed run for President and will/if the feminist groups come to her defense when the wolves of the lamestream media attack her because she is a woman. And they will. Chris Matthews is even now probably preparing himself for this adventure.

    For my money, I would dearly love to see a black conservative and a woman run on the same ticket for the conservative Presidential bid in 2012. The LSM wouldn't know what to do since they would be so besides themselves in anger.

    Just a passing thought.

  2. Anon - I love your closing remark. I too would love to see a black man of gravitas and patriotic love for this country run. Representative Allan West quickly comes to mind. If not in 2012 then in 2016.

    What would be even better would a ticket along the lines of a West/Rice ticket. I can see the idiotic and racist LSM seething with all kinds of scenario's.

    Sorry, on the issue of a Palin presidential standard bearer for the Repub party Obama wins in a landslide. That's just how this independent conservative sees it. That is why I am truly "an independent conservative."

  3. Rational,

    Allen West and Palin? Hmm. How about Alan Keyes and Bachman?

  4. West/Rice or Keyes/anybody but Palin or Bachmann.

    I do not relish the though of either Palin or Bachmann a heartbeat from the Presidency.Donnel

    Ditto that for Angle or O'Donnell.

  5. Les, you are no idiot. Palin can't win in 2012. Period. What is telling to me is her choice of Glassner. It makes me wonder if she even really made a conscious "choice." This guy may just be there to sink her campaign. Interesting.

    One thing you guys need to understand, something I learned a long time ago - a twenty-percenter can not win the presidency. I am a "liberal" and a "progressive" as far as most people would imagine, but I know that I only represent about a fifth or so of the country in general. Conservative/libertarian guys like you only represent maybe a fourth or so. You can't win the presidency with that.

    There is this myth; if only people would run as true conservatives then they would win.

    No. It doesn't work all the time. The more developed, populated, complex the community, the more "liberal" and "progressive" they must become.

    Conservatives have to consider this curve.


  6. Jersey McJones,

    You said:
    The more developed, populated, complex the community, the more "liberal" and "progressive" they must become.

    True, true. This is why there is such a high homicide rate in cities, more abortions, more thievery, more pollution, more paranoia, more distrust, more welfare recipients, and more general nonsense. Progressivism and liberalism has done such wonders for us as a society and a nation.

    I'll take the hick-filled midwest anytime, and cling to my guns and my religion. Hyuck, yuck.

    True conservatism is a myth, I shall agree with you there. But rumor has it that Justin Timberlake is bringing it back. Along with sexy. Here's hoping. (By the way, that was a joke.)

  7. JMJ and ANON... Classical Liberalism and Independent Conservationism are in reality one and the same.

    If only the bone head progressive and bone head {neo} Conservative would understand this and unite we would have a true patriot in the white house.

    Now it is time for a glass of fine French wine. Hope I didn't offend ant neo-cons.


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