Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Cave to Islamists

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Birthplace of Independent Conservatism

Our esteemed RINO Senator from the great state of Arizona has come out in support of the "democracy movement" now unfolding in Egypt. Really?

Is this a true democracy movement or is it the beginnings of a theocratic Islamic state on the Nile? One should consider the likely reality of this coming to pass. It is indeed possible, even likely, given TMB's {The Muslim Brotherhood} involvement in the process that we will soon have another Iran in the region.

While Rational Nation USA has always been, and continues to be an advocate of non interventionist foreign policy, the very foundations of world stability and peace are currently at stake. If TMB acts on its stated theme {see Consider This and A Naive American Administration} not only will the entire Middle East as well as North  Africa  be teetering on the verge of an Islamic Theocracy. One  that will deny not only religious freedom but all individual rights as well. This is so because in the ideological zealotry of Islam all is subordinate to Allah. In other words.... to  the teachings of an illiterate Muhammad and the Koran. Another book of man's irrational belief in an omnipotent being.

Indeed this world is a crazy place, it has always been so. I can not but help wondering if we, as a people of the human race will ever understand that only reason and objective rationality can lead us to a better and safer existence.

I have not the answer. I merely pose the alternatives and my opinions based on what seems reasonable upon examination. The rest I leave to the forces of your good judgement.

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