Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who's the "Bubble Head" Now?

by: Les Carpenter
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MSNBC's Chris Matthews, after deriding Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann as two "bubble headed idiots" has recently shown himself to be, well, to say the very least an uniformed and perhaps delusion progressive.

It seems Mr. Matthews believes the Panama Canal is in Egypt. Note the one minute twenty second mark in the following video. Mr. Matthews, in his very own words, proclaims the Panama Canal is in Egypt. I guess bubble headed-ness is something  Chris know a lot about.

The Statement

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  1. Ya know, I used to like that guy years ago. He was entertaining to watch and he used to be intellectually honest. He actually guest hosted the Rush Limbaugh show. There's a trivia question for you...

  2. I know what ya mean.... But moving on. See next post.


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