Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Repealing ObamaCare

by: Les Carpenter
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The rhetoric from the progressives over efforts to repeal Obamacare are, as expected, heating up. It matters not to the true believers that the so called healthcare reform is opposed by a majority of Americans. While few disagree with the notion that healthcare costs as well as the afford-ability of insurance,should be improved, most realize the road mapped out by ObamaCare is seriously flawed and perhaps more than anything benefits the large pharmaceuticals.

While the ultimate outcome of a House repeal of ObamaCare may yield nothing more than a symbolic win {as it is likely not to be brought to the floor of the Senate} it keeps the issue alive as a 2012 campaign issue. This in and of itself is reason for the House to push hard for repeal.

It is always entertaining to listen, and consider the remarks/arguments from the progressives on healthcare. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee provides the opportunity for just such an entertaining moment.

"Frankly, I would just say to you, this is about saving lives. Jobs are very important; we created jobs," Jackson Lee said. "But even the title of their legislation, H.R. 2, 'job-killing' — this is killing Americans if we take this away, if we repeal this bill."

"So I would argue that my good friends, some of them are new and I appreciate their newness, I appreciate their desire to keep a commitment to constituents — but when you come to the Congress, you have to govern, you have to look at the whole of America," Jackson Lee said in her floor speech. "And therefore, looking at the whole of America, you need to look at the crux; the crux is saving lives."
Aside from the the obvious tug on the "heart strings" Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee fails to provide any concrete specifics as to the alleged wonders the flawed ObamaCare will provide. Perhaps this is due in part to the shear complexity of the legislation and the fact she knows it is not the panacea progressives have tried so hard to convince Americans to believe it is. 

The debate on healthcare should continue. The current legislation was rammed through the Congress, its provisions were little understood by lawmakers, the American people were told by then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi the bill had to pass so we could see what was in it, and sure as I am an independent conservative the unintended consequences of the bill passage were not considered, let alone understood.

So... let the repeal succeed in the House. Even if it is only symbolic as this point in time. Results in 2012 could be determined in part by revisiting ObamaCare.

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  1. By 2012 it will be too late. The bill does too much good and the more in-effect it becomes, the less likely for repeal. And most Americans are not against it. That is a lie. And this is about real human lives and the general health and welfare of the people. We are the only developed nation on the planet that so viciously and stupidly cannibalizes our healthcare system for profit. We are the only developed nation on the planet that offers no form of universal care. It is so fucking intensely stupid, that I am ashamed of my country's low IQ.


  2. It's amazing to me that the meanest, most greedy people around pretend to give a damn about the people. But I guess that liberals in the general American public buy this emotional, irrational crap. A little common sense and logic would go a long way, but I guess they can't really use that because they are dead wrong. So they resort to emotional pleas (geez, remember that one about the dead sister's teeth? ick).

  3. JMJ - Please reread the site policy on cursing and vulgar language. I will low this one to pass. The next will be deleted as quickly as it it seen by me.


  4. Fuzzy Slippers - Well said! And when the progressives fail to present a rational and reasoned argument backed up by facts have you notice they tend to resort to colorful and unnecessary language?

  5. So, where's you guys' rational and reasoned argument?


  6. JMJ - truth in numbers...


    Okay. Let's play poll games. Yeah.

    Look, let's get down to the arguments. You say Rep. Lee was tuggung the heartstrings, okay - I noticed by watching the actual debate on the Hill that the GOP was not able to bring forward any evidence of negative effects on any person's health. Their only argument was that the bill was somehow damaging to small business and job growth. Their only evidence for that was anecdotal, the same sort of evidence they were accusing the Democrats of employing to pull heartstrings.

    How's that for stupid?

    And you said "truth in numbers"!!! LOL! When I think of all the times people in numbers thought stupid nonsense, I have to hold my tummy for fear of tearing a hernia! LOL!!!


  8. Oh, great, a troll invasion ;-)
    I'm glad this job killing bill was repealed.
    Even if it's only symbolically, it must be kept on the front page for the 2012 elections.

  9. JMJ,

    You asked:
    "So, where's you guys' rational and reasoned argument?"

    Allow me to break this down for ya.
    See, liberals and progressives and the kind, are as emotionally-driven as the pre and post menopausal hags on The View. There is NO rational thought or perspective in a liberal. None. Zilch. They think with emotions and applaud their 'best intentions' without demanding results. My personal belief is that any man who says he is a liberal is really just a woman with a penis.

    Conservatives, however, are basically emotionless when it comes to matters of governance. This is a good thing. By virtue of their emotional detachment to being able to govern, they walk in rational and reasonable thought.

    Go to YOuTube and compare 'liberal protesters' to 'conservative protesters' and see what you find. Liberals: cussing, yelling, screaming, violent contact, threats of violence. Conservatives: Determined but peaceful, rational, unmoving, no contact, and well-versed in the issue they are protesting.

    My two cents.
    Sorry, Les, I used the word 'penis', but I used it in a good way. (I'm sure there is a joke in there somewhere.)

    Donald in Bethel, CT

  10. Completely unrelated:

    I just went to Daily Kos to see what the America-haters are up to, and I have never, and I mean NEVER, seen such a display of whining, complaining, vitriol, hatred, and pure progressively liberal jackassery in the 42 years I have been breathing.

    They stoke the fire of civil unrest by putting up an article claiming that 13% of all Tea Partiers believe it is okay to use force against the government. Of course. Because we all know the Tea Party is to blame for Giffords being shot. Silly me.

    Apparently they want us to know that Eric Cantor is a liar, and that Joe Lieberman is a sexist for calling Arianna Huffington, "sweetheart" during an interview. They refer to him as a 'sexist lying piece of sh*t'. Nice.

    I'm actually stupefied by this Daily Kos site. I fear I have lost 21 IQ points for allowing it into my head.

    Donald in Bethel, CT

  11. Donald,

    That's just silly. In all likelihood, you are no more or less objective than me. But ya' know what? I'd bet I am more logical than you, without superstition, religion, hang-ups, insecurities, that I'd bet you have. I try to always think scientifically - but I am mature and humble enough to know I can be better. I do not assume that I am always right just because some dictum dictates my thoughts.

    Yes. There are many, many, many, , waaaaaaay too many, knee-jerk, emotional liberals.

    But I've got news for you, sunshine...

    There are many, many, many, , waaaaaaay too many, knee-jerk, emotional conservatives, too.

    Knee-jerk emotional types come in every ideological form.


  12. JMJ,

    >>I'd bet I am more logical than you, without superstition, religion, hang-ups, insecurities, that I'd bet you have.

    Okay. Prove this to me by recanting your liberalism and come to the common sense reality of conservatism, and I'll gladly admit to being as you have said.

    How's that sound to you, Mr. Logical?

    Hugs and kisses,
    Donald in Bethel, CT


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