Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time to Replace the GOP Chair in Massachusetts

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

I just received the following urgent message from Iron Mike of the Rabid Republican Blog.
I think this needs attention from REAL Republicans...

Iron Mike of course is referring to the Boston Herald article covering Republican Party Chief Jennifer Nassour's plea to save her job.

Following a disastrous election cycle in which the party she is the nominal head of suffered a proverbial wipe out in both congressional and statewide races she is under fire. Certainly the results of the 2010 elections were very disappointing especially coming on the heals of the Scott Brown Senate win that captured the seat formerly held by the late Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy.

Perhaps what is most disturbing is Nassour's refusal to accept any responsibility for the shellacking the GOP suffered in the Bay State. AKA the Socialist Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Perhaps Nassour's support for establishment Republicans partially explains her troubles. During a time when the rest of the nation was focused on changing the course of government it seems Nassour was content with the status quo.

Excerpt from the Boston Herald article....
The embattled head of the Bay State’s beleaguered Republican Party made an impassioned New Year’s plea yesterday to keep her job as she tries to beat back a move to oust her after the GOP’s astonishing election-year wipeout in the congressional and statewide races.

“Don’t give up on us,” Jennifer Nassour implored the state’s GOP faithful yesterday in an interview with the Herald, pointing out that the number of Republican seats in the state Legislature has nearly doubled since she began as chairwoman in January 2009.

“You’re always going to have your ups and downs, so every victory should be celebrated. This is a phenomenal opportunity for us to move forward,” Nassour said.

She also argued she’s the best person to keep an eye on the Democratic political machine during an expected contentious redistricting process after the state lost one of its 10 congressional seats.

“It’s a really important time to have someone who is already a strong party chairman,” Nassour said of the inside power plays as lawmakers redraw voting districts across the state. “I’m the perfect person to be that watchdog.”

But Worcester state committeeman Bill McCarthy — who tried to oust Nassour in November and is running to replace her in a Jan. 6 party election — said she didn’t score enough wins this year.

“We didn’t win any statewide or congressional seats, and I believe I can take a grassroots approach and win more seats,” McCarthy, 45, said.

He also faulted Nassour for funneling too much party money to failed GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker. “We lost that race miserably,” he said.

Republicans had high expectations after U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s upstart win in a January special election. Nassour recruited 138 GOP candidates for last election, including presumed strong challengers such as state Rep. Karyn Polito for state treasurer and former Turnpike board member Mary Connaughton for auditor — both open seats.

But Democrats made a clean sweep in the 10 congressional races and all six constitutional offices....

It is time independent Republicans and Tea Party activists gained control of the Bay State's GOP. In so doing the Republican party may actually give the voters of the Bay State a clear choice in future elections.

The alternative? The status quo. More of the same.

Find the full text of the article here.


  1. Tango Yankee Les!

    Our battered Party suffers mightily here in Ma$$Whole because the RiNOs have taken over so many of the statewide party leadership slots. Thus both our image and our message is often little more than Dem-lite, so Unenrolled and 'Independent' voters don't identify with the message or the candidates.

    Real conservatives suffer it through a few election cycles, or maybe a few decades, and move out. Now we're losing a Congressional seat.

    Nassour campaigned for the job she holds with flirty looks, a few buzzwords, and free drinks. Our state committee people bought it in Jan 2009. 'Party Chair Barbie' has proven herself a leader with no battle plan, other than her blatant courting of the gay vote.

    The gays laughed and continued to vote Democrat [which here really means 'Progressive' or Socialist].

    If Massachusetts Conservatives want their party back – ever – they'll have to register as Republican, and vote for state committee people with more character and more backbone than the spineless milquetoasts currently cheerleading for Nassour to be given another 2-year opportunity to blow an election cycle.

  2. When given a choice between libs and RINOs they go with what they know.

  3. Radical rightwing nutcases are never going to win in Mass. The states voters are too smart.


  4. JMJ - we are talking about rational and reasoned views of governance. What specifically do you not understand with respect to this issue?

  5. JMJ - Please forgive my obvious lack of understanding of your obviously cogent observation.

    Residing in the great Socialist Commonwealth of Massachusetts I could not agree with you any less.


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