Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wisdom, Virtues, and the Principles of Proper Governance

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Wisdom is often found in the most simplistic values... Liberty, Limited government, and Self Reliance...

Rational Nation USAafter consideration of all alternatives  is left with the realization and stark reality the left is unyielding  and often irrational in defense of its progressive collectivist agenda.

One particular progressive (communist) blog has found it appropriate to label Rational Nation USA reactionary. Therefore I ask you, my readership the following:

What is reactionary about believing in advancing technology...
What is reactionary about believing in the value of and advancement of  scientific research...
What is reactionary about the belief in advancement  of outer space exploration...
What is reactionary about the belief in individual rights and the pursuit of individual achievement...
What is reactionary about the belief in self reliance...
What is reactionary about the belief in limited government...
What is reactionary about the belief in the nations founding principles...
What is reactionary about the belief that each individual can achieve in direct proportion to his or her own efforts...
What is reactionary about the belief the only justification for war is in response to an act of aggression against a sovereign state.
What is reactionary about the belief that the nation should operate under a balanced budget...

The answer to these rational and reasoned  questions... NOTHING!

Unless of course you are an irrational progressive collectivist such as is this site.

Remember to get out and vote November 2, 2010. Only by voting can you make a difference.

Only by voting out incumbents, specifically democrats (DemonCrats) will a real difference be made.

I find it interesting the progressive collectivists are so bent on stifling any and all thought that does not fall in line with their failed agenda.

And so I ask you.. Who are the real idiots?

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  1. Les,

    You asked:
    "Who are the real idiots?"

    I would answer: Me.

    I'm an idiot because I actually believe that accountability for our elected officials is a good thing,

    that cutting spending and reducing taxes actually causes people to be able to function normally,

    that we, as a Nation, need to stop being the "World's Police",

    that any federal money used towards abortions is a gross misuse of federal money,

    that Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Schumer, Clinton, Obama, and all the other liberals of note are mentally ill,

    that illegals, of any race or national origin, are ILLEGAL, so they need to be apprehended and sent back to their countries of origin,

    that homosexuality is NOT the next 'minority class' in America,

    that Congress needs a serious enema,

    and that liberalism will stop at nothing to shred the Constitution and burn the flag, while taxing us all into indentured servitude and ruling over us as despots.

    Yes. I am an idiot. I am a stupid, stupid idiot, incapable of enlightened thought or deep conversations about the meanings of life and diversity and tolerance and the redistribution of wealth.

    Yet I find myself strangely happy to be such an idiot. Perhaps it is true that ignorance is bliss. Or maybe I am happy because I see the Dems getting their butts handed to them on Tuesday because they governed blatantly against the expressed will of the majority.

    Hm. Am I happy because I'm an idiot or because I am soon to be vindicated? Hmm.

    Long Live the Republic.

    Donald in Bethel
    ps: I was on TV tonight, having been asked for my opinion while attending a Linda McMahon rally in Danbury, CT. It is true that TV adds like 10 pounds to your face. When link is up, I will shoot it to you via email. I think I did swimmingly well.

  2. There's an old saying that goes, "You'll never win an argument against ignorance." Arguing with liberals is a perfect case in point.


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