Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Palin, the Counter to the Progressive Collectivists?

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

I am going to do something I said I would never do. Pander to the worst in American politics. So please forgive me as I decline into the depths. But before I go further I want to acknowledge those on the progressive collectivist left who are most responsible for teaching me that descending to the depths of political demagoguery can and does pay dividends.

Here is the short list of the most disingenuous and least principled site on the net at this point. At least in this independent conservatives opinion, after having visited them all. Most of what you read on these sights, should you choose to visit, will merely confirm the hatred the progressive collectivist left has for America. Let their own words speak for themselves.

The Short List of the least objective of Progressive Collectivist Sights...

Corrupting Conservatives, The Swash Zone, Crooks and Liars, Truth 101, Hello Mr. President, are You Listening, Infidel753, and The Daily Dish. As time passes, and I have more tips I shall surely pass them on. Time spent on conservative sites renders focus for the right and objective cause. Time spent on progressive collectivist sights renders the stuff that gives fortitude against the collectivist altruist onslaught of anti individualism and liberty.

If you have the stomach take a moment and visit the above sights. Doing so will only serve to solidify the correctness in opposing most what they stand for.

The reason for Sarah Palin's picture at the top can be found here. It precedes my soon to be published prediction  ( mid 2011) as to her chances should she choose to run for President against the "O" man..  Given the bumblings of our current Impostor in Chief the possibilities may be on the upward trajectory.

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  1. Aaaaaw shucks, I can not believe I'm on "the list"

    I do my best to be truthful and factual, I'm sorry the truth hurts...

    You can NOT possibly think that woman, who only has 20% of the country's support, could beat Obama. That is so sad....

  2. Sue - You have a nice sight and I like you personally. You have always been professional and respectful.

    You made "the list" because of your unquestioning devoition to progressive collectivist thought and dogma.

    As did the others. I am sure there will be more added later.

  3. ok, fine then...what must be will be

  4. Read of your demise over at Truth's. Just stopped over to verify whether or not it was tongue in cheek.

  5. Will - I suppose you could say tongue in cheek.

    Check me out in the coming days at a new gig...


    Glad you stopped by.

  6. Sarah Palin is not liked by a majority of Americans.

    Since the Glenn Beck rally in DC, her approval numbers with the American people have NOT improved: 59% disapprove of the quitter

    She is not liked by Independents. And Democrats? Well you know how they feel.

    You believe this quitter is qualified to lead this nation?

    Talk about pink unicorns in Fantasyland.

    She's very popular with the Tea Bagger crowd, but they are a minority in the voting public.

    Good luck with promoting this twittering pol. Unless you and her fans are making $12 a year hawking books and cable teevee shows, she ain't "one of you" either.

  7. Shaw - Guess what. She is an alternative. Is she the right alternative? Maybe. Maybe not. Only time and he mood of the liberty loving people will tell.

    I am an "independent conservative," Sooner or later you, and the rest of the progressive collectivist horde will understand exactly what that means, TAO's bullshit aside...

    Thank you for stopping in. Irrespective of what the deranged Octo (whoever that may be...the guy who hides behind a moniker and deals in character assassination of individuals who disagree with his Marxist statist ideology) might say about true independent conservatives I welcome true HONEST dissenting opinion.

    You Shaw fit that description.

    And by the way, how is tour and Pamela's efforts to ferret out those who plagiarize or attack sites of progressives going?

    Whether you believe it or not I do not subscribe to, or support any such unethical activities. I may disagree with the progressive collectivist ideology but I will in fact defend to the death your right to hold it.


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