Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oliver Stone Comments on Palin

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

A small picture for a small man. Your typical progressive collectivist mind at work, strait from the caves of the Hollywood elite. Oliver Stone took several unprofessional and elitist pot shots at Sarah Palin on what is a rather boring program ti begin with, the Parker - Spitzer show.

Characterizing Palin as a moron, an Andy Griffith type figure, a no nothing, and in the in the process essentially calling Americans know nothing's as well, he did a fine job of showcasing the progressive collectivist mind. This sack of progressive dung went so far as to compare her to the KKK . These people have no shame.

Putting it quite directly and accurately Stone was saying that Palin and everyone else who does not think like him and the rest of the progressive collectivist cabal are morons. That's Hollywood for you and this progressive bag of hot air represents the worst of the bunch.

Here's a news flash for you as well Ollie, Andy is a damn site smarter than you will ever be.


The video clip of his remarks:


  1. I think anyone from Mayberry is smarter than Stone.

  2. Les: I noticed how insistent Parker is with Stone, even stating that Palin is a woman/phenomenon but Stone refuses to address that and goes on with prohibition, etc. I give Stone NO kudos because he directly evades the statements presented to him—just like a politician!

  3. Pam - Stone is the ultimate progressive collectivist who pals around with the likes of Chavez. In short he is a dirt bag.


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