Monday, October 18, 2010

Off the Radar...

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Always the rebel, and always right, I find it interesting the web recently is relatively silent on the goings on in Mexico and the possible effect it could have on the Southwest United States. More specifically the Mexican Drug Cartels and their activity to protect their distribution activity to the U.S.A.

I find it interesting that intelligent and reasoned individuals apparently overlook the obvious answer to this problem. My "independent conservative" take on this is most chose to do so. Possibly blinded by their belief in the "Virtues of the War on Drugs." I challenge anyone who believes the "War on Drugs" has been a success to point to the EVIDENCE of this.

In fact the "War on Drugs" has, if anything, been a dismal failure costing American taxpayers untold millions if not billions of dollars in its execution. But the believers in "Big Government" an it's ability to rectify social ills persist in spending your hard earned dollars in their efforts to correct this "societal ill." As an example of this madness check out this link to Human Events

Okay all you supposed conservatives I have just given you the ammo to blast me as a closet liberal. The problem is I freely admit to being a "Classical Liberal." Look the definition up if in doubt as to what that means. Because I am an "independent conservative" I personify that whick "Classical Liberalism" stood for... Two hundred and thirty four years ago.

My apologies, I have once again digressed. The "War on Drugs" has failed and will continue to fail. The cost passed on to the public the result of the "Big Government's" attempt to protect society against itself will only continue to rise as the failures continue to mount.

The answer is so simple, so straight forward, so liberating. Legalize, tax those who chose to purchase recreational drugs, and use the revenues for drug education and treatment. Let those who make the decision to use drugs pay for their decision up front but don't criminalize them for doing so.

There will always be a demand for drugs. Current law and drug enforcement efforts have merely created a huge profitable billion dollar illicit enterprise. Americans can either chose to perpetuate the madness or engage in enacting the solution. What will it be?

In the process of deciding recall if you will "Prohibition." And its historic dismal failure.

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  1. From what I've heard from some GI's, the reason the "War on Drugs" isn't allowed to be won is because it would adversely effect the incomes of too many miliary brass and politicians.

  2. Les,

    Somewhat on this subject:
    I have been hearing that CA wants to legalize recreational marijuana usage. I think it is Proposition 19...? Anyhoos, I am all for it. But the Federal government is saying "No". (On a side note I find this particularly interesting as Obama and his kind have not really been too harsh on weed. But now they are acting the role of the "moral" government. Hmm. I ain't buyin' it, Pa.)

    Why? Well, not because I give two craps about weed smoking or any of that. I find it a ridiculous activity, but then again, people find it ridiculous that I read The Scriptures.

    What I support is NOT the issue of weed, but the right for CA to act in its own sovereignty. State's rights vs. Federal. You know where I am going with this.

    Not to sound preachy, but I firmly believe only God can "legislate morality". If the state of California wants to legalize recreational weed, my only concern is that eventually CT money, or money from other states, will be used to help CA when folks start going to the hospital more or stop working altogether due to the weed indulgence. (And spare me the 'weed doesn't make people lazy' bit. I've smoked a few bowls in my time. The last freaking thing I wanted to do when high was interact with society. I wanted butter-pecan ice cream and Doritos. Period.)

    So I really am looking at this issue from a secular sense right now.

    I will support CA's right to exercise its sovereignty. Even if I think it is asinine and futile. The US Constitution has never granted common-sense. But it was designed to protect certain freedoms, even if they are utilized for stuff like this.

    Again, I really do think I a turning into a libertarian. (Is a libertarian a person who makes no connection between morality and government? I'm starting to lean that way. I want folks who can govern, and not "role models", per se. I'll handle that stuff in my own sphere of influence.)

    Donald in Bethel, CT

  3. Legalizing drugs would not solve Mexico's problems. Say we did legalize and get our supply from Mexico, they would still be killing one another over the right to sell to the US. Our locking down Caribbean routes is what caused Mexico to now become the battleground.

    The real problem is gang activity. There is a conveyor belt running from the US down through Central America. They are terrorist and a threat to humanity. Time to bring the GWOT home to the Americas.

  4. Gorges - Perhaps that is true. However I believe that even if it were not so the war wouldn't be won.

    We merely have created yet again another thriving illicit industry the only has added to our problems and our deficit.

  5. Don - You said...

    "I will support CA's right to exercise its sovereignty. Even if I think it is asinine and futile. The US Constitution has never granted common-sense. But it was designed to protect certain freedoms, even if they are utilized for stuff like this."

    And I agree.

    But what is assine and futile in my opinion is to continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

    Prohibition should hve taught us something. But hey, we are creatures of habit us humans.

  6. Silverfiddle - I'm not so worried about Mexico's problems as I am America's problems.

    Lock down Mexico and the routes would merely change once again.

    We created the problem... we have not won the war on drugs, we will certainly not win the war on drugs in my lifetime,and it is likely the war will never be won.

    As long as there is a demand there will be a supply from somewhere. Legal or illegal.

    Since I don't use I couldn't care less personally. But it ain't gonna get better anytime soon if we keep on doing what we been doing for thirty years.

    Time the nation started to think outside the box on this issue. At least in my humble opinion.


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