Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Even the Safe are Shaky... The Year of Change

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Even the Citadel of progressive guided government media news, the New York Times is acknowledging that congressional seats once believed safe are now in play. While not saying it outright there is little doubt but what the policies of Obama over the past 21 months, as well as the Democratic congress over the past several years, have resulted in what is increasingly becoming year a of opportunity. Opportunity for politicians and lawmakers to actually do something right for a change following the 2010 mid term election on November 2nd. Let us all hope they will be up to the task.

Here then some excerpts from todays New York Times.

Republicans are expanding the battle for the House into districts that Democrats had once considered relatively safe, while Democrats began a strategy of triage on Monday to fortify candidates who they believe stand the best chance of survival.

As Republicans made new investments in at least 10 races across the country, including two Democratic seats here in eastern Ohio, Democratic leaders took steps to pull out of some races entirely or significantly cut their financial commitment in several districts that the party won in the last two election cycles.

Representatives Steve Driehaus of Ohio, Suzanne M. Kosmas of Florida and Kathy Dahlkemper of Pennsylvania were among the Democrats who learned that they would no longer receive the same infusion of television advertising that party leaders had promised. Party strategists conceded that these races and several others were slipping out of reach.

With three weeks remaining to save its majority, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has increased its spending on two New York races, along with at-risk seats in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky and Massachusetts, setting up a map of competitive districts that is starkly different from when the campaign began.

The strategic decisions unfolded at a feverish pace on Monday over an unusually wide playing field of nearly 75 Congressional districts, including here in Ohio, a main battleground in the fight for the House and the Senate. The developments resembled pieces being moved on a giant chess board, with Republicans trying to keep Democrats on the defensive in as many places as possible, while outside groups provided substantial reinforcements for Republicans.

The National Republican Congressional Committee, the party’s election arm in the House, can afford to make the new investments because the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a host of newly formed political organizations have come to the aid of Republican candidates who have far less money than the Democratic incumbents.

One thing is certain. The Democratic progressive leadership is running scared as they know the just right of center American majority has had enough. The response to the policies of the troika of Obama, Read, and Pelosi is seen in the Tea Party Movement and growing support for independent minded political candidates that are sincere in their beliefs it is time to give America back to the hard working people who in the end have the power once they chose to accept it. 2010 and 2012 are shaping up to be just such historic times.

Regardless of what Bubba Clinton may say.

Read the rest of the New York Times article here.

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