Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rick Santelli on CNBC's Street Signs September 16, 2010

by the Left Coast Rebel

First off, please go here and vote 'yes' on the CNBC street poll - "Is the Tea Party Good for Investors?"

Oh my, oh my - I just caught Rick Santelli on CNBC's Street Signs with 'Street Sweetie' Erin Burnett. It is no wonder that Rick Santelli is the grandfather of the current day tea party movement in that what he said classically summed up just what the tea party stands for and the epic fight that we face.

I will upload a video of it when I find one later. For now, classic Santellis from today include:

"We don't have a two party system in this country, we have a 1.2 party system...."

"The tea party doesn't look at it as needing to get behind Republicans, the tea party looks at it as needing to get behind the founding fathers...."

"If the person there (Mike Castle) is a Republican that votes like a Democrat, we haven't lost anything..."

"You are also assuming that O'Donnell can't win, just like they assumed that the tea party couldn't do much a year ago...."

"Capitalism isn't radical, it isn't a radical concept, unless you live in Cuba and it's much less radical there...."

"The philosophical issue of gridlock is gone, we want to see action!"

"If these things (tackling entitlements, pensions, etc) aren't tackled now there will be no tomorrow to tackle them..."

Again, this guy is awesome and I can't wait to have video here.

Updated: Video from CNBC:

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