Sunday, September 5, 2010

Clinton to Host Second Iftar Meal Event

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

The Islamic Crescent Moon. How long will it be before the White House is flying this religious symbol on the Peoples Lawn? Given the Obama administration's pandering to the Muslim interests one shouldn't be surprised to one day see it be a reality.

President Obama hosted an Iftar meal on August 13th, breaking the day's Ramadan fast. On Tuesday Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton is hosting a second Iftar meal. This one to recognize the best and most innovative Muslim leaders under the age of thirty.

Here is an excerpt from the Hill:

The administration's marking of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan continues Tuesday when the State Department hosts an event geared toward young Muslims and an Iftar dinner with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

"Consistent with the Secretary’s commitment to engaging the 'next generation' at the grassroots level, this year’s Iftar will feature many guests chosen because they represent some of the best and most innovative American Muslim leaders under the age of 30," the State Department said in a press release Saturday.

Perhaps the secretary will appear dressed in full Muslim attire carrying a copy of the Koran. Given the Obama's strong propensity to pander to Islamic interests nothing would be surprising.

Come to think about it is there not supposed to be a separation of Church and State? Pandering to the Muslim interests apparently is not considered a mingling of Church and State by this Administration.

Does anyone remember the last time Obama or his Administration hosted a meal for a Christian function?  Just sayin.

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  1. >Come to think about it is there not supposed to be a separation of Church and State?

    Most people don't consider islam to be a religion like they pretend to be but a "political movement aimed at world domination" read this. It doesn't really support what I'm saying nor does it neglect it. All in all interesting read about how the more percent of muslims the more they try to change the country politicly, amazing, their system.

    So anyway this does not surprise me nor should it suprise anyone obama ain't american he's like some muslim asshole on a mission to distroy america. And everything it stands for.


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