Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What The West Needs To Know... About Islam

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

When emotions  are allowed to become the primary vehicle for arriving at an understanding of a complex issue the result is almost always undesirable. When knowledge of  an issue is lacking, and no attempt is made to attain the knowledge required to make an informed decision the results can be disastrous. In a politically charged environment emotions can, and usually do, result in irrational decisions.

The western world in its desire to accommodate the religion of Islam is facing just such a crises. The desire to believe Islam is fundamentally a peaceful religion, even when there is significant evidence to the contrary,  presents a danger to the very survival of western civilization.

There are many in the west, perhaps even a majority  who either simply refuse to consider the writings of the Koran or don't care. Their lives are simply to "busy" to gain the knowledge they need to understand the dangers Islam holds for western civilization.

Here at Rational Nation USA I have attempted to scratch the surface of this complex issue. And in so doing  raised the ire of progressives as well as the emotions and passions of the more conservative. Today my purpose is not to add more RN USA commentary, but rather to present information that is factual and backed by the knowledge and understanding of experts in the matter.

The following 2007 documentary is something that I believe should be watched and seriously considered by those on both sides of the debate. Entitled "Islam, What the West Needs to Know", is ninety eight minutes and is well worth the time you will spend watching it.

Hat tip to The Right Scope for making this documentary available on their sight.

Education and knowledge are powerful tools and are the most effective weapons against ignorance and blind faith.

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  1. We have been at war with Islam for over a thousand years, starting with the First Crusade. Most of us know that Islam wants us to convert or die. Infidels, as they call us, are to be converted or slain.

    It's been in the Koran for about 1,500 years, give or take. And that is not taken out of context. It's almost verbatim.

    Those who choose to view Islam as a religion of peace are fools.

  2. >The western world in its desire to accommodate the religion of Islam is facing just such a crises.

    You are exactly right. We are substituting permissiveness for tolerance, and thereby having a hand in the slow murder of our nation.


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