Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Robbing America: The 14th Amendment

by the Left Coast Rebel

Via. memeorandum this morning I came across a rambling leftist tired in WaPo that relates the recent call for repeal of the 14th amendment by GOP leaders to racism, the confederacy, endorsement of the racist Arizona law, racism and racism. Never mind that senator Lindsey Grahmnesty himself is a chief architect in pushing the 14th amendment line (just to throw a bone to the conservative base that he hates and loathes). And if something is fishy in politics - then something is fishy.

So I thought it would be an ample excuse, instead to post some excerpts from John Galt writing for RobbingAmerica in which he rationally tackles some of the issues of 14th amendment repeal.

Full disclosure - John Galt isn not in favor of 14th amendment repeal and I don't necessarily agree with his opinion. But that is what we do here at the Left Coast Rebel and Rational Nation - we hear out reasoned debate on both sides (unlike lamestream press collectivist types) and let the best side win hearts and minds!

It has been known in the recent past that Republicans are prone to do just that - shoot themselves in the foot - and end up with loses that could had been avoided. The proposal instigated by Senator Graham, SC, for the repeal of the 14th amendment that guarantees American citizenship to all those born in the United States, is one of those cases. It really does not surprise us that somebody as prone to harebrain ideas and an unstable conservative record as Senator Graham’s, would come up with such a distractive and potentially destructive idea for Republicans in the middle of an unresolved immigration debate.

The immigration problem can not be resolved by a bilateral agreement simply because each side is basically talking about different things and have different definitions. When one encounters an immigrant that is illegally in the United States, a Republican sees a "Law-breaker", a Democrat sees a "Voter". The "Law-breaker" vision is becoming a catch 22 for the Republican Party – damn if you stand for law and order and damn if you show any practical and comprehensive approach.

Do not listen to Senator “Harebrain” Graham and go and get a consultant in Political Strategy that does not need to get re-elected.To the Tea Party: you have a new target.
Republican goal at the end of the day: to get out of the Immigration debate alive without abandoning the Law-and-Order Americans and without permanently losing more that 55% of the future Hispanic population.

Read the entire piece at RobbingAmerica. Cross posted to Left Coast Rebel.


  1. If we are going to start tinkering with the US constitution, why not just start over from scratch.
    All this nonesense about the constitution being some kind of sacred document that has withstood the test of time and should be followed to the letter of the law is a bunch of hogwash.
    If conservatives don't like something in the constitution...just change it. No big deal.

    As for me, perhaps we need to take another look at the second amendment too. That was written at a time when the most dangerous handweapon was one that took one minute to reload after the first shot. Nothing like the semi automatic weapon that Cho used at Virginia tech to kill 30 people.

    Yeah. Let's reconsider the second amendment too.
    I like that.

  2. You're exactly right, Anonymous! We need to take another look at the Second Amendment. If others at Virginia Tech had been allowed to exercise their God-given right to meaningful self-defense, and had been carrying quick and effective firearms, then the tragedy could have been minimized, if not completely avoided. One or more experienced shooters would have placed a couple of rounds into Cho's center of mass, thus permanently eliminating a serious danger from a rabid beast. Bad guys will always have effective weapons, so it is even more vital now that we have full and unrestricted exercise of our Second Amendment rights. Thank you for pointing that out.

  3. Anon - All this nonesense about the constitution being some kind of sacred document that has withstood the test of time and should be followed to the letter of the law is a bunch of hogwash.

    Are you ceding the point that the 'anchor babies' language of the 14th amendment needs to be repealed? Or are you simply engaging in libtard circular nonsense? Debate or a fight? I'll give you either, the latter is more fun.

    Brilliant point! To back up Bastiatarian here - perhaps we should reconsider the 1st amendment as well.

  4. If I'm not mistaken the 14th amendment was to insure citizenship being granted to the children of slaves.It was an issue of fairness and the correct thing to do at the time it was adopted.

    The issue of "anchor babies" or the right of non citizens to come to the USA and give birth to their children sq as to attain the benefits US citizenship was likely not even a fliker of thought in their minds.

    The liberal progressive argument is part of the one world order concept, open boundries, and the progressive drive to a multiculterism mentality run amuck.


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