Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rick Sanchez... An Idiot Without Disguise

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

I know, I know, shouldn't have posted the Monkey Spanking For Dummies thingy (got the thingy gig from Truth 101) but after hearing wing-nut Rick Sanchez ask Arizona State Representative Rick Murphy (R)  "what is your beef with illegal immigration" it is, well, something Sanchez may want to consider.

Anyway the question was dumb and as Sanchez got more cranked up the whole thing got dumber. Clearly Sanchez is one of the water carriers for Obama and the rest of the progressive collectivist hordes pandering to the illegal immigrant population. But that is to be expected as it is what progressives do best.

Excerpts from the interview:

SANCHEZ: It seems this thing has gotten so heated, by the way. And I just want to start right from jump street, as they say. What is your beef with illegal immigration?

MURPHY: Well, Rick, the problem with illegal immigration is that it it's -- it is multifold. First of all, you have got some folks that are here that collect benefits and that put a burden on the taxpayers, and there is not enough balance to the benefit they're providing...

SANCHEZ: OK. Just a quick -- just a quick stoppage there. Just a quick stop. You know those people are paying taxes, right?

MURPHY: Some of them do pay some taxes, sure.

SANCHEZ: No, they all pay taxes.

SANCHEZ: No, no, Mr. Murphy, they all pay taxes, sir. Stop and think for a moment. Are you an elected official?

MURPHY: Yes, I am, Rick.

SANCHEZ: So you think that people who come to this country all steal?

Wait, it gets better as the moron Sanchez heats up.

MURPHY: I'm sorry. I didn't quite catch that.

SANCHEZ: Do they all steal?

MURPHY: Well, no, they don't all steal. But let me give you an example, OK?

SANCHEZ: Just answer the question. Do they all steal? Do they all live in caves?

MURPHY: I don't think very many of them live in caves, no.

SANCHEZ: OK. So, if they go to grocery store to buy goods, they pay taxes. It's called the sales tax, right?

I think you see where Sanchez was taking this fiasco. Most people undoubtedly thought the reference to taxes meant federal and state income taxes no? Sanchez apparently does not think like most people. He has that special elevated gift of the mind of a progressive where all things muddy are clear.

Now for the treat you have been waiting for. The voice and incredible mush brain of Rick Sanchez.

And this is called reporting? Sanchez is a biased water carrier for Obama administration and it's minions.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: NewsBusters


  1. And the man he works for is "running" the country!

  2. If you go to CNN on August 1, 2010, you will notice Rick Sanchez video has been dropped from the interview with Arizona Rep. "Due to the foot in mouth by Rick Sanchez" CNN is now feeling a damaged reputation becuase of this news jounalist they hired. I wonder who's next on the "List" at CNN. Citizen should have their own news media center to expose media corruption.


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