Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is It Getting Embarrassing To Be A Publicly Announced Conservative Today?

The progressive collectivists of modern day liberalism are on the attack. And they have single minded decided that being a Conservative is an embarrassment.

What these modern day liberals, progressive collectivists, fail to realize is that it is in fact they who ought to be embarrassed. The party of Thomas Jefferson, one of the brightest minds our nation has ever had, and one of the founders of our Republic was not only a liberal, he was in his time a radical revolutionary.

Jefferson was a man that believed in the dangers of a strong and all powerful central government. He rightfully believed that the individual states should retain the right to self governance with in the frame work of a limited federal authority as defined by our Constitution.

Jefferson, the visionary and proponent of individualism and limited government understood that power invested in one central source could very well become the chains and shackles that destroys men and women's desire to be productive and self sufficient. Jefferson, a man of stature...  Light years exceeding that of Barrack Hussein Obama  understood that the individual left to their own industriousness would produce the freest and most plentiful society that could be had.

Jefferson understood that the dangers of foreign entanglements and the accumulation of a national debt could very well become the undoing of our Republic. This man of 18th century genius realized that for his beloved fledging Republic to survive would require grit, perseverance, and the recognition that the federal government must serve the will of the people, not the other way around.

Folks... All BS aside as the above are factual statements, it sure sounds like President (nodding head in reverence) Thomas Jefferson was a Conservative by modern standards. The Tea Party movement, Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck, and so many other "Conservatives" that are continually berated are merely attempting to educate American's that have been fed the progressive collectivist lie for a generation or more.

In closing I proudly declare my independent Conservatism publicly. I am not now, nor have I ever been embarrassed to hold my head high and tell the progressive collectivists to kiss off. Thomas Jefferson still has my back, and he has yours as well. Principals such as Jefferson stood for last an eternity. Rational thought cannot be destroyed, no matter how feverishly the progressive collectivists might try.

Good Night Fellow Conservatives. Hold Your Head High and Be Prepared To Do Political Battle With The Progressive Collectivists Until They Are Defeated.


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  1. I saw a Bumper sticker today that said "Proud to be a Conservative"
    Yep we are coming out faster than gays in the closet.
    It's actually getting to be shameful to be a democrat now that people are seeing them for what they really are. Race Baiters,Socialists,big spenders,elitists,pro big government,anti business and just plain arrogant.

  2. lisa - You just very accurately summed it up.

    Conservatives, of the Eisenhower, Buckley, Goldwater, and early Reagan years (1964) will make a comeback.

    We just need a strong principled leader. Have no doubt, one will surface.

  3. I know they are there too Les. I think after this disaster people have realized the lame attempt of hopey-changey they were manipulated into voting for and are more than ready for some responsible adults to take over a job too big for the 'stuck in the sixties' bunch we have there now.
    I just hope they step up to the plate and not
    be swayed by the politcal correctness that has run rampant in our political arena.

  4. I am thinking of making a sign and hanging it in my car window that says :

    "Romney/Ryan 2012"

    Because I think that's who it may be.

    Any other ideas you have for 2012?

  5. lisa - I would prefer Paul/Ryan, but I know it ain't gonna happen.


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