Monday, August 9, 2010

I Am Not A Part Of The State

By: Bastiatarian

I have been thinking about this quote from David O. McKay.
The French historian, Francois Pierre Guillaume Guizot, while visiting in the United States, asked James Russell Lowell, "How long will the American Republic endure?" Lowell's answer was: "As long as the ideas of the men who founded it continue dominant."     
And what were those ideas? Two fundamental principles were: Freedom from Dictatorship and Freedom of the Individual! This goes right back to our free agency, which is as precious as life itself...
There is something in human nature that rebels against dominance and compulsion...That is the kind of treatment the spirit of man rebels against; that is why we had the Declaration of Independence; that is why we had the Constitution of the United States drawn up by men who were inspired; and that is why we have the Bill of Rights, granting protection to each individual. The government was established to protect the individual; the individual is not a part of the State, nor should he be used as part of the State. The government is set up to protect him in his rights.

Politicians and millions of people who vote for them seem to have forgotten this fact, that "the individual is not part of the State, nor should he be used as part of the State." The only reason that we need a government is to protect us in our rights. When a government oversteps those bounds, or does not fulfill that sacred duty, it is illegitimate and of no valid use.

The ousting of as many coercive collectivists from government office this November would be a good step in reminding politicians that they are not our masters, and we are not their slaves. We own ourselves, wholly and without limitation: our lives, our liberty, and our property.

Notice also that the words "granting protection to each individual." The Bill of Rights does not grant us rights. The Bill of Rights delineates the roles and limitations of government in protecting those preexisting rights. If those rights did not already exist, there would be no reason to establish a government or enact laws to codify legal consequences of breaching the rights of others. If those rights did not already exist, we would be nothing more than brute animals, or even less, with no purpose or reason for existing at all.

Only a return to the fundamental principles found in the founding documents will save us from the tyranny that is growing in Washington, D.C. and to varying degrees in each of the fifty states. Yes, the Constitution is a living document, but only in the sense that the fundamental principles of the absolute right of each individual to his live, liberty, and property are unchanging and eternal, and live as much now as they did when they were espoused by the Founding Fathers.

Regardless of how much so-called liberals attempt to kill those rights, they will never die.


  1. no i am not a part of a state.
    I am an individual who happens to be, by birth, a singular voluntary member of a nation which resides in a country as governed by the State of which the nation has declared implied or explicit loyalty to by citizenship.

    As an individual it is recognized that i have certain inalienable rights as recognized in the declaration of independence. these same rights are possessed by each individual in this nation. with these rights as the cornerstone of my life, i have the liberty to pursue the goal of happiness as i see fit and without the force of law.

  2. The individual is the smallest minority known to man. As a result the individual is subject to many threats to his life, liberty, and happiness (be they readily known or unknown)throughout his life.

    The primary purpose of a just governemnt it to insure the rights of the individual are protected from those who would attempt to alter or outright deny the individual their rights.

    Hmm... Something seems To be amiss.

  3. RN,
    "Hmm... Something seems To be amiss."
    that is what happens when the people get too arrogant and begin to believe that a government is the "servant" of the people.

    they forget that the only tool that government has to use is the tool of "force" and that it can only serve the people by the authorized use of this tool.

    this be the basis of a smaller government, less government, less force applied.

  4. When are people going to open their eyes and get off the President Barack Obama train they’re on. He is still blaming President George W. Bush for anything and everything he gets called on. (His followers do the same.) When does he have to start accepting responsibility? It has been a year and a half.

    Why is it anytime you disagree with him or his actions, you’re called a racist. Racist? Just because you disagree with the guy? I thought race relations would be better. He ought to be ashamed. This is a huge step backward.

    What kind of president goes on a world tour to apologize for the country that elected him? America got to where it’s at by being a God-fearing country, helping other countries and helping to stomp out communism. Yes, sometimes America had to be a little harsh to get things done. This man is more upset about Israel building apartments on their God-given land then he is about nuclear arms that enemy countries possess. It took him eight days to get to the oil spill, two days to even make a comment about the attempted bombing in New York. If that was Bush, the media would have gone crazy and into a frenzy polling people and everything else.

    Last of all, for eight years all we heard was how Bush stole the president’s office. (I think Obama’s citizenship is still in question.) The news, talk shows, Democrats and liberal Republicans trashed our commander-in-chief daily, to the point of making up lies (remember Dan Rather?) and now we are told to play nice and how out of line we are to say anything about a man even some of those who voted for are now seeing the lies and regretting their vote. I can’t wait until November

  5. >i have the liberty to pursue the goal of happiness as i see fit and without the force of law

    And you have that right regardless of what any government says!

    >Something seems To be amiss.

    I do believe that you have provided a candidate for the Understatement of the Century Award.

    >we are told to play nice

    I prefer not to play with venomous snakes at all, but rather to permanently prevent them from harming me or my family.


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