Thursday, August 19, 2010

Could Iranian Cash Fund The Ground Zero Mosque?

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

The New York Post this morning is reporting the developers of the Ground Zero mosque are refusing to reject the possibility of accepting cash donations from Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

A mosque spokesman, one Oz Sultan, said he was unable to comment when asked if fund raising would extend to Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran. He deflected the question adding the developers would first look into all possible options existing within the United States.

The Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, spiritual leader and head of the project known as Park51, told Manhattan official in a meeting he would raise money for the so called Muslim Community Center from local Muslims, foundations and by selling bonds. However, during an interview with a London based Arab newspaper earlier this year he said his fund-raising would extend to Muslim nations around the globe.

It became increasingly more certain yesterday developers will pursue construction of the mosque and Muslim Community Center at the presently planned site. The statement came as Imam Rauf began his Middle Eastern tour on behalf of the U.S. State Department. The tour, to include Bahrain, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi  will cost US taxpayers approximately $16,000. The official word is that the Imam is not going to use the trip to raise funds for the construction of the mosque. More on the story here.

As I read the story I couldn't help myself thinking how incredulous this entire thing is growing into. The truth is the Constitution does insure the right of these apparently insensitive people to build their mosque near Ground Zero. What I find amazing is that given the sentiments of New Yorkers, as well as the country at large, they continue to proceed as if doing so is just fine. That there isn't a higher moral ground they ought to pursue. Even amongst our countries most staunch progressive leaders support for this project is waning.

Things are just not adding up. Irrespective of the "official" statements, there certainly seems to be growing evidence the possibility of funding from radical Islamic sources is very real. As money is influence... and talks loudly in matters of state and religion, it is reasonable to think this mosque may present a danger to both New York and the nation at large.

The possibility this mosque has been proposed near Ground Zero because it is meant to represent a "Victory Mosque" becomes more plausible. Should this turn out to be so is it not then reasonable to wonder just what the mosque, and other facilities occupying the proposed thirteen stories may be used for. Certainly money from Iran, as well as money from other extremist organizations, possibly terrorist ones, would not be used to further benevolent relations of tolerance and understanding between the Christian and Muslim folks of New York or the rest of America.

While I am not one for conspiracy theories, this whole "Mosque at Ground Zero" is starting to take on an odious smell. Regardless of ones long held belief, this possibility deserves consideration. And as for what our Constitution says about this issue. Well... it is precisely what makes this a great nation. It is also part of what makes us the most vulnerable.

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  2. Amazing how the left have all become constitutionalists in some instances and ignoring it in other instances.
    I am glad we have the constitution as long as it doesn't exceed the limits of absolution .Like the 14th amendment for instance. When it was written the intent wasn't for it to be extended to the whole world to come here and abuse it.


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