Monday, August 16, 2010

A Bigger Wrong Doesn't Make a Right

By: Bastiatarian

Not surprisingly, the Blame-Bush-athon continues in the Obama administration and among the rest of the Borg.
Also not surprisingly, those engaging in that cop-out ignore the fact that the damage was done chiefly with a Congress controlled by Democrats. And they ignore the obvious fact that there really was very little about the actions of George W. Bush that could reasonably be referred to as "conservative."

However, I do agree that President Bush has much to do with the creation of the poor economic conditions we are experiencing now. The increases in regulation of, well just about everything continued. (There was no actual deregulation of the financial industry. It was "deregulation" that didn't actually deregulate anything substantial.) Spending on socialist programs, etc., rose. Sure there were some tax cuts, but their positive effect was more than erased by the big government policies of the Bush administration.

Enter Barack Obama. With all his Bush-bashing, did he reverse any of the damaging policies promoted and implemented by the previous administration? No. He has merely cranked up the power on them. The iron fist of regulation has closed even more tightly. Spending on socialist programs, etc., has risen to unthinkable levels. Big government policies have bloated into huge government policies.

The previous administration turned the bicycle toward the cliff, got on, and started peddling. That's clear. However, Barack Obama pushed President Bush off, got on, and started peddling as fast as he can, in the same fatal direction. He's implementing the same control, control, control, tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend policies that Washington D.C. has been using to destroy the United States since at least as early as Woodrow Wilson. He's just doing it a lot harder. And getting us to the edge of the cliff sooner.

We have to stop elected various degrees of the same person to office. We shouldn't be choosing the people that are going to take less of our property for illegitimate governmental schemes. We should be choosing people that aren't going to take any of our property for illegitimate governmental schemes. We have to turn the bicycle around and peddle--as fast as we can--in the opposite direction.

If you're not facing the right direction, peddling faster won't get you to the right place. Ever.


  1. I'm afraid that the republican leadership just doesn't understand your thinking. They chose McCain to appease liberal republicans and independants, not realizing that he was so similar to Obama that many people saw no reason to vote at all.

  2. Essentially we have a one party system today. Whatever differences might exist they are sutble.

    We indeed have been steering our "bicycle" in the direction of increasing statist regulation and control over our lives for quite a number of years. Problably closer to 110 years.

    It is only going to get worse as individualism and excellence is replaced at an increasing rate by progressive collectivism and mediocrity.


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