Monday, July 26, 2010

Race and White Guilt

By: Bastiatarian

I've been a subscriber to Bernard Chapin's YouTube channel for a long time, and if you aren't familiar with "Chapin's Inferno," I would recommend starting at the earliest videos and working your way through all 402 installments. He's both perceptive and entertaining, and he has a haircut just like mine.

The two most recent installments address the issues of race and white guilt, and express well essentially what I would say on the subjects.

As Bernard states, race and emotion have nothing to do with the determined opposition that people like me have toward Barack Obama and others of his ilk. Race and emotion are 100% irrelevant. When somebody starts vomiting out the "Racist!" meme, you know that he or she has completely conceded the argument.

I have never oppressed anyone of any perceived "race," and I have seen no evidence that any of my ancestors back at least a couple of centuries ever owned slaves (or even had the financial resources to become slave owners). I have also never made a decision about anything at all based on perceived "race."

On the other hand, I was once mugged by a tall black man. Does that mean that I should now hate all black men? That would make about as much sense as me hating all tall men. Should I teach my children and grandchildren to hate all black men and tall people? Do other black people and tall people owe me something? Do they owe my children and grandchildren something? No. The only person that owes me anything is the tall black man who grabbed a little boy by the collar, pushed him up against a fence, took his five dollars, and threatened him with death if he told anyone. Does that tall black man owe my children or grandchildren anything? No. They are 100% unrelated. He owes me, and nobody else, five dollars (I would also accept the hot dog and candy that I was going to buy) and an apology. Does he owe that to me because he was black and I was white? No. He owes that to me because he was a thief and I was his real, direct, physical victim.

Race is irrelevant. Only actual behavior matters.

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