Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Inner Vessel

Over the past few days, Tom Tancredo has been the target of a significant amount of criticism for a statement he made indicating his observation that Barack Obama was "a more serious threat to America than Al Qaeda." I would expect such criticism from the always-frothing-at-the-mouth leftists, but much of the criticism has come from so-called "conservatives," people who should know better.

I'm not sure about the validity of Tancredo's argument for impeachment. Certainly, Barack Obama is worthy of being removed from office, but I don't know how it would hold up in court, even with a common-sense individual on the bench. Impeachment is difficult, and it is difficult for a reason. From a practical standpoint, I doubt that anyone would have the integrity and the courage to convict Obama of his crimes, both of omission and commission.

The important point, however, is that Tom Tancredo understands something that many people seem to forget, that powerful nations and civilizations do not fall unless they rot inside first. A strong nation can always rebound from physical attack, even widespread destruction. On the other hand, a nation that has been turned into a collective of effete, foppish, dependent, morally decadent children will fall when faced with the slightest attack, and often topples itself, leaving the remains to be picked through by the scavengers of the surrounding world.

In a sense, Al Qaeda is easy to deal with. If we did not have incompetent nincompoops in Washington, D.C. mishandling the wars, our military could have ended the threat already.

Boom, boom, boom. The Persian Gulf is larger. The threat has been eliminated.

The threat from within is more dangerous because it is insidious. It pretends to be pro-American, but works tirelessly to weaken America. It pretends to love liberty, but promotes policies that hack away at freedom. It pretends to be honest, but is the most secretive of any administration in American history. It pretends to be unbiased, but plays the race card with reckless abandon. The Obama administration defines corruption, thuggery, and power-lust, and has been able to dupe millions into selling their birthright for a mess of pottage.

We all have a responsibility to protect our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic. It is clear that foreign enemies are at the door, and even in the front hall, but the domestic enemies are living in your bedroom and leering at your children.


  1. I've always said that any man who tried what Obama has done would have been arrested for high treason, and ultimately hung, back in the days of true patriotism.

  2. Ah yes... The days when men were men and honor meant something.


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