Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chairman TAO's Challenge

 By: Les Carpenter III
 Rational Nation USA

Chairman TAO over at Corrupting Conservatives, the premier progressive collectivist blog of the year,  has been having some fun with recent posts at Rational Nation USA.

It is apparent, at least to the rational thinkers amongst us, he has the usual personality disorder most all extreme progressive collectivist suffer from. The medical term (if there is one) escapes me for the moment so I shall substitute my own... Severe Delusional Collective Nanny State Worship.

 Perhaps the above description some may find harsh. It is nevertheless an accurate one. For those who may not have braved a visit to his den of  collectivist thought a visit is well worthwhile. If for no other reason than to gain a glimpse into the mind of a most dangerous foe, the progressive collectivist. The ghosts of those who followed the philosophy and principals of the progressive collectivists such as V.I. Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, and Pot Pol I am sure would agree.

For all the Chairman's talk about owning his own business he is a prime example of one who both is willing and happy giving the government maximum economic and political control over his life. Irrespective of what TAO may say publicly on his blog he is desirous of forcing the same for you as well. Regardless of the fact you did not ask for it nor do you want it.

Progressive collectivists decided long ago they know what is best for all, and it is always Leviathan government controlled by those suffering equally from Sever Delusional Collective Nanny State Worship. A question to illustrate the point... Have you ever found a progressive collectivist to agree with anything that differed in the slightest from their cherished progressive collectivist belief?... I thought not.

There was a time when liberalism was actually attractive. That era died with Thomas Jefferson. The concept of liberty is simple to understand unless, as the progressive collectivists intentionally do, you chose to make it complex. Liberty, at least as understood by most conservatives and Libertarians means... The freedom to make choices of your own free will with respect to your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Liberty is the ability and right of the individual to make decisions with respect to their economic and personal welfare and desires as they see fit. Liberty requires the individual accepts responsibility for themselves and acts on their own behalf and self interests.

Liberty requires resistance to the state that with each regulation, with each new entitlement, with each new expansion of the bureaucracy, another small lose of liberty occurs. Maximum liberty requires the recognition that each and every individual is entitled to the vary same liberties you and I are. For those who love liberty it is our deepest responsibility to recognize and respect the rights of others to their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness equally as well as our own...

It is no ones right (including Leviathan) to take from someone and give to another that which they have not earned the right to posses.

Since Chairman TAO made comments on a recent post at Rational Nation USA which I, the editor lacked time to respond to immediately following his post time I have decided to address them for the Chairman with this post.

The issue of slavery: I never claimed slavery was okay. It is both morally and ethically wrong and deserves the greatest condemnation. My reference to the slave trade and Africans selling their own into slavery was merely a point of reference to demonstrate the realities of the times. The obvious attempt to make me out a racist is so typical of your ilk.

With respect to Jefferson - It was not "okay" he had slaves. It remains the glaring personal flaw the man who was a great thinker and wrote our Declaration of Independence had. It however does not change the beauty or the profound wisdom and significance of his words. 

With respect to Lincoln - Once again you mis use my reference.  My position on Lincoln is that he was a statist. He used the federal government to forcibly keep the union together at a great loss of life. As I am sure you know the Civil War was more about economics and markets that slavery. An industrializing (if you will) north and an agrarian south who wished to remain so. Lincoln used his statist powers and the US military to prevent the southern states from succeeding from the union. As the United States was formed by voluntary association and entering into a contract by mutual agreement there is a sound argument the southern states should ave been allowed to succeed. Slavery was just the rallying cry.

With respect to the womens suffrage movement - I will concede that there was likely never any thought given by the founding fathers as to women having the right to vote. Women unfortunately held second class citizenship throughout much of western history. The still do in many parts of the world today.

As to landless males: The rational the founders held with respect to owning property as a ticket to the right to vote was based on sound reasoning as they saw it. Property ownership gave individuals a state in the land and society. As the nation was agrarian, ownership of property allowed people to provide the necessities of life for themselves. Landless individuals on the other hand were viewed as lacking a stake and were much more likely to be the least productive and the ones most dependent on government for their welfare.

I wish to make perfectly clear I do not advocate the return to slavery, women not having the right to vote, nor the idea that just because you do not own property you should not have the right to vote. Neither do I know of any conservative or Libertarian who feels we should.

I will state however that it is a perfectly reasonable and rational position (IMO)  that to vote in America one should posses the ability to speak, read, and write English. Sorry liberals Michael Savage has it right when he says... Borders, Language, Culture.

Regarding non interventionist F.P. - Washington and Jefferson's advice against forming alliances with foreign powers and thus entangling ourselves was sound reasoned logic. However, following WW I (Woodrow Wilson (D)), and WW II (Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman (both D's) foreign entanglements and interventionist foreign policy became the norm. And shall we not forget Lydon Johnson, anther D and interventionist that exploded the war beyond anything Eisenhower or Kennedy ever envisioned.

I find it interesting the Chairman chose to use Israel as example of how we should pull our support of this only middle eastern democracy in support of his position statement. Logically one would have to concede the point he makes is rational. It would be my preference that we rethink our entire foreign policy along the lines of the Washington's and Jefferson's philosophy... As well as that of Representative Ron Paul. However, to do so at this time would almost certainly result in the genocide if the Israli people at the hands of the Iranian extremist President or some other irrational extremist in some other irrational extremist Islamic theocratic state. But I am sure TAO is not at all concerned with this likelihood being no doubt the supporter of all things Islamic, no mater the irrationality.

The point of this little travel through Chairman TAO's obvious transparent lack of integrity is just this... Conservatives and Libertarians can and will debate progressive collectivists. Proponents of individualism, liberty, and the right of free will and association have been doing it for well over a hundred years. We have will continue to acknowledge their valid rational points as infrequent as they are and when correct we will concede.

 The Chairman's attempts to misrepresent, twist, and turn the words of conservatives and Libertarians only shows his strict adherence to the progressive collectivist ideology and it's universal failure wherever it as been tried. Equally as telling and importantly is his lack of rational and unemotional thought.

Again I urge anyone who has not visited the progressive collectivist blog of the year, Corrupting Conservatives to do so. This is the irrational and inherently evil thought process that liberty is up against. Do not be fooled by the "fuzzy feel good emotionalism" of the progressive collectivists. Do the research, there are many examples of the abject failure of Chairman TAO's philosophy in modern history.

Long live America and here's to liberty and free choice!

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  1. As always, good, solid answers, Les.

    I think I'll impose a bit here and post my own responses to Ms. Tao's pathetic and intellectually slothful assertions on a previous thread, since it has already gone a couple of layers into the world of "previous posts."

    >Bastiarian has acknowledged that it is okay for our country to battle the Soviet Union because it was going to enslave the world

    That's Exhibit 2,583 of your illiteracy. Nowhere in my comment did I say that "it is okay for our country to battle the Soviet Union because it was going to enslave the world." If you had even basic reading comprehension, it would have been clear to you that my statement regarding opposition to the Soviet Union was the context for pointing out to you the reality of the presidential veto in actual practice. In fact, any adult reader would have seen that in the next sentence I implied that the opposition to the Soviet Union was specifically to protect our own nation (i.e., "protecting the house from the bad guys").

    In addition, it is clear that I said and implied nothing regarding foreign wars or foreign intervention, contrary to your assertion. Further, your belief that the "military industrial complex" equates to big government reveals your already obvious ignorance of both government, military, and economics. If government were limited to protecting the rights of individuals to their own life, liberty, and property, the government would be a tiny fraction of what it is right now, even with a large and powerful military.

    >a bogus claim of being a libertarian

    So far, you are batting .000 in your rather bizarre (and somewhat pathological) attempts to "prove" that some of us are somehow "frustrated Republican[s] hiding [our] frustration behind a bogus claim of being...libertarian." What's with the obsession with Republicans, young lady? Were you bitten by one when you were a baby?

    >it doesn't take much to prove that none of you are who you claim to be

    Then you should have been able to do it by now, shouldn't you? Doesn't you inability to do so to any degree whatsoever demonstrate your incompetency? It seems clear that your deep knowledge of your own utter lack of integrity moves you to assume that others lack it as well. That's called projecting, little lady.

    Anyway, you need to be a bit less simple-minded if you want to participate in discussions with adults.

    In the meantime, Ms. Tao, please fill your your ID-10-T form and submit it to the receptionist on the way out. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  2. As regards slavery, I think it's strange that we never hear of the WHITE slave trade in colonial America, or of the slave trade using Native Americans, but they both happened. Slavery supposedly only means whites buying and selling blacks in leftist circles. (They also ignore modern-day slavery in Africa where black Muslims are enslaving black Christians. I guess that's okay with liberals.)

    As to Jefferson, like many of the landed gentry, he knew the evil of slavery, but chose not to bankrupt himself and his friends by ending it. Yes, it was hypocrisy, the same sort we see today on both sides of every issue.

    As for Lincoln, he was forced into a war he didn't want, but he wasn't the saint some would like to insinuate. He ordered Sherman's heartless and illegal march to the sea, during which time war was waged not against an armed foe, but against civilian friend and foe alike, as well as the very land itself. The very creation of my home state (West Virginia) was also illegal, but might makes right in the eyes of some. Still, I consider him a great man (though I don't worship him). And yes, the states DID have the right to secede, though the World Wars may have had far different results if they had.

    As for allowing the landless to vote, it seems unfair to wish otherwise, but can anyone show me a nation that has been PERMANENTLY strengthened by the practice? The same goes for women's suffrage. I've heard that neither Clinton nor Obama would have made it without the female vote. I don't know if that's true, but if it IS, then maybe our great-grandpa's were right! (If THAT doesn't start a few wildfires, I don't know what will!)

    As for foreign powers, I can see helping some friendly nations, but it's not our job to police the world.

  3. You wasted too many words on this nutcase. I don't even think he really owns a business.

    I do understand why you did it, but you are throwing pearls before swine.

  4. My, my, my...Ladies, you really sound like a bunch of progressive collectivist statists to me!

    Backpeddling really is so unbecoming of those who claim to have "principals."

    So, slavery is wrong....and you are glad that there was a federal government there to wipe that evil off the face of the earth.

    Glad to know that you believe that all folks are created equal and whether they own land or not or whether they are male or not is took CHANGE and the federal government to make things right.

    So now, like Ella Kagan, you believe that the constitution is a living document!

    Its also good that you believe that there is a place for a big powerful federal government in the world to protect Israel and to stop the Soviet Union from forcing communism on the helpless!

    Its always good to know that you believe that government can do good things!

    Kind of funny don't you think that being all for individual liberty and believing that our liberties are threatened by government that you see no contradiction in using government to free others around the world.

    Bastian wants to believe that you can have a small government but a big military....last time I check the military was something called THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and were one of many federal departments...federal like in government.

    It would seem to me that if you believe that protecting the world from communism and domination of evil governments that you would be worshipping FDR, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson....the folks that brought us WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam...

    Never thought I would see the day where reality would be a slippery slope for 'principals' but this post and the associated comments prove that point!

    No wonder you all have to revert to slogans and hurl insults because you sure cannot defend your principals when they are applied to reality.

    Good day need to work on your principals otherwise everyone will see you for the frauds you are...

  5. You TAO are the biggest fraud of all. You have no principals or philosophy. You have no integrity. You are the most intellectually dishonest person I have come across in the blogoshere.

    You are however a master at twisting others words. I doubt you actually have a business but if you do I sure as h*ll fell for your employees.

    Now crawl back into your progressive collectivist hole without integrity and amuse yourself.

  6. Gee RN...trapped by your own stupidity and illogic and you lash out at me!

    Its not easy putting lipstick on a pig is it?

  7. You are right TAO... Speaking of yourself again.

    Laughable you are.

    Times up!

  8. Bastiatarian, Gorges Smythe, SilverFiddle . Thank's for your reasoned comments.

    The Chairman as usual chooses to spin your words and mine to suite his nefarious purposes. Actually I don't think I have ever come across anyone quite as delusional, disconnected, and unwired as the Chairman.

    Several have wondered why I waste my time, or as you said SilverFiddle, "throwing pearls before swine." I shall no longer do so. The chairman is a lost soul and not really worth the effort.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. The above comment was deleted due to violation of blog language rules.

  11. Wow, Lee. This Tao person seems to get more and more unstable all the time, with the delusions of grandeur, obsessiveness, disconnect in response, and bizarre assertions. And now it's escalated to a comment that had to be deleted.

    It's not amusing anymore. It's just creepy.

  12. Oh, Bastiatarian keep the charade going....

    The only reason the comment was deleted was because it made Less very uncomfortable...

    Which is normally what the truth does to folks like you, Less, and Spiddlewiddle....

  13. Bastiatarian - The man is not only delusional I believe he is dangerous as well.

    He is so delusional he actually believes I am uncomfortable with his lies. Yeah right.

    Perhaps my many comments on his site as well as my own with respect to his drivel constitutes un-comfortableness in his deranged mind.

    TAO is a legend in his own mind.

    Now... enough time wasted over this fool already..

  14. >enough time wasted over this fool already

    True. "Don't feed the trolls."

  15. I agree! So Rational quit visiting my blog and leaving your comments and then fishing to get me to come over and feed you trolls!

    I have done my good deed for the day....

    Too bad none of you write anything worth challenging!

    Now, have a nice weekend ladies!

  16. Agreed Chairman. I certainly have done my good deed for the day as well.

    And for CERTAIN you and yours have never wrote anything of vale.

    Good day Ma'am.

    Now go huddle and plot your progresive collectivist takeover of America.

  17. Here's all I need to know about TAO: I attempted, in good faith, to join his Crappy Collectivist blogger group, and he booted me immediately.

    Today's progressives are the most illiberal, dogmatic, doctrinaire goose-steppers in America.

    It makes sense you now call yourselves progressives, because you are certainly not liberal in the Jeffersonian sense.

  18. As I told you were booted because you took it upon yourself to post a private email that you received and then mock the sender on your blog...

    You can talk all the principal talk you want to but you are not a principled person.

    You were not booted from Democracy Central as much as you, by your own actions, proved that you do not measure up...

    Don't blame me for your own lapses...

    Like Less will say, "Take Responsibility!"

  19. TAO - The spelling is Les. I will thank you to use the correct spelling.

  20. >Democracy Central

    That totally kills.
    I've had my belly-laugh for the day.

  21. Sorry I missed this one Les.

    TAO makes good tshirts. I have four and bought some for my brother and brother in law as birthday presents. I'm 6:2 and around 215. My brother and brother in law are real big guys. They love their Turner Originals.

    Continue "Livin Large" RN and Co.


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