Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Theodore Roosevelt on Immigration 1907

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

President Theodore Roosevelt, America's first truly progressive president was a supporter of immigration. He was a fair man who believed discrimination of any kind was an outrage.

I received an e-mail correspondence, presumably on the heels of my multiple posts on Arizona Senate Bill 1070, and stance on immigration. The e-mail attributed the words to Resident Roosevelt in 1907. A quick check with Snopes verified the accuracy. I present them here for my readership.

"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American who assimilates to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with  everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American... There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

Theodore Roosevelt 1907

Teddy was right then, Arizona is right now. How far the progressives have fallen in 103 years.

Perhaps the current President in Training ought to heed his words.


  1. Les,

    Not a fan of Roosevelt's on principle, but still- when someone says something that makes sense, it needs to be acknowledged.

    Roosevelt made a hell of a lot of sense here.

    Nice catch.

  2. Incredible. What a great find, thanks for LCR'ing this as well. Like Donald above, I am not a fan of Teddy Roosevelt but these words truly ring true today....

  3. I think Progressiveness became more poisoned as it embraced international Marxist movement. The sad truth is, it's going to get worse.

  4. Don and Tim - I am not a fan of T.R. either. From a philosophical viewpoint I differ significantly with his progressivism. Having said that he was right on the mark with immigration.

    TRESTIN - That is why it is called progressivism. The natural end is a statist, socialist, and sought after Marxist society.


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