Class Warfare--Here We Go Again

By: Pamela D. Hart
Where do people like Rep. Jan Schakowsky get the belief that we do not deserve to keep what we earn?

In my opinion there is no question as to whether I deserve MY earnings. There also isn’t a question of whether I should support my government or not…of course I should. The question is HOW much is ENOUGH? I suppose if I had the answer to THAT, I’d be one famous woman!

We also have people, such as Elizabeth Warren, who said no one in this country has ever gotten rich on his own. That your goods were moved to market on roads paid for by someone else; that your workers were educated in public schools supported by someone else; that your business or factory is safe because the police force is paid for by, yep, you guessed it… someone else!

Doesn’t Ms. Warren realize that even business owner’s pay taxes? Not only do they have local, state and federal taxes, they also have employer taxes. PLUS there are multiple business taxes, licenses and insurances!

I don’t think anyone will argue that people get rich solo. I do believe that people will tell you if they get rich it’s despite what our government imposes UPON them and they do it all under the eye of big brother in some form or another.

So, alone or all on our own…of course not.

It sure is a victory, though, when, after all the money is distributed, and all the legislative hands are filled, we can still achieve success!

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  1. If folks deserve to be supported who don't work, let's ALL quit and get on the dole and see where the money comes from (and the food, and the gas, and the.....).

  2. “The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.” (Communist Manifesto, Chapter II ~1848)

    How is this 1848 quote relevant for today? Karl Marx is long dead, but his ideology lives on. Our current President has admitted in his own book that he has surrounded himself with Marxists (See: Dreams from My Father, pgs. 99-100). Would this not have an influence on the legislation that liberals are currently pushing for? If you’re still in doubt of the Communistic influence then please explain why the Communist Party USA has endorsed President Obama for 2012?

    Even the Brookings Institution exposed the principle of the modern left-wing tax policy as such:

    “All revenue of individuals and corporations in the United States belongs to the government – whatever sums are left in private hands are a gift of the government.”(See: To Harass Our People, The IRS and the Abuse of Power, George Hansen, pg 169)
    The above comments and words are from

    I'm simply passing them on, because they make so much sense.

  3. That Massachusetts professor should be directing her comments to the 50% who pay no income taxes.

    The business owners and economic activity creators have more than payed for the infrastructure they benefit from.

  4. Ms. Warren is basically just doing a Hillary "It takes a village" 2.0. Nothing even remotely new or outside the box. Same old, same old.

  5. Pam - You said... "There also isn’t a question of whether I should support my government or not…of course I should."

    I know what you meant with this statement and in that vein I agree.

    However, one must be very careful to ask the necessary questions,to hold their representatives and senators feet to the fire, to hold them accountable, and when necessary to engage in non violent acts of civil disobedience.

    To support a government that is not responsive to the people, that attempts to usurp the individual citizens rights in the name of the collective, and who turns a blind rye and deaf ear to the very constitution this nations foundation rests on requires any such government of the nation to be NOT SUPPORTED.

    fortunately we have not yet reached this point. Hopefully we never do. But in my opinion we are traversing down that very path.

    Lead by progressives, RINO''s, and Neo-Cons.

    Just my opinion.

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  6. ECC: Communists and socialists DO believe in private property. But they only advocated these rights for the ruling elites.

    If you look at the 20th century, socialist leaders are the ones with the most private property, ever.

    What does Trump have on Chairman Mao, who had complete control of 3.6 million square miles? (That is in China, and thus does not even count Tibet)

    Or Cuba, where the Castro's are worth billions, and it is pretty much illegal for the common Cuban not to be dirt poor.

    Socialism is all about the concentration of power wealth and property in the hands of the ruling elites. It differs only in minor ways from the idea of the "divine right of kingss" from hundreds of years ago, and is a regressive idea that undoes hundreds of years of progress (Magna Carta, US Constitution, etc) in establishing human rights.

  7. How much is enough?

    Your parents paid taxes at twice the rate you pay. They understood the best country in the World is an expensive proposition.

    Argue all you want about what the country has done in the last 100 years; the fact that we are 14 trillion in debt means we have not paid enough.
    On going, if you want to tear down the government, fine, but we still have an obligation to pay our debts (this is a one generation debt) and not simply pass them on to the next generation.

    The WW I generation did not pass their debt onto the next generation, neither did the WW II generation.
    I disagree with the idea that our generation can pass our selfish debt to the next generation.

    It's not about what you want. It's about what we did and the money we spent without paying for that spending.

  8. Anonymous:

    You said:
    "the fact that we are 14 trillion in debt means we have not paid enough."

    Hmmm. No, I would say it is because the federal government has spent too much. The real zinger to this reality is that President Obama and his 111th Congress outspent all previous Presidents and Congresses starting at Washington. All of them.


    And people actually think this guy should be allowed to keep trying to make Socialism work for another four years? Yikes. That's public education for ya.


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