Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Patrick Kennedy... Kudos For Mexican President Calderon

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

The apple certainly hasn't fallen far from the tree. Rhode Island Representative Patrick Kennedy apparently finds great wisdom in Mexico's Presidente Calderon's lecturing America on Arizona's immigration law.

Given the fact the misfit fell all over himself to give kudos to the Mexican leader one has to wonder where his loyalties lie and why he doesn't pack up and move to Tijuana.

Given the fact Mexico has much stricter immigration policies than U.S. Federal Immigration law, or the Arizona law, wouldn't it seem highly rational and reasonable for Kennedy to take issue with Mexican laws since softness seems to be his calling. Further, Mexico has a horrendous record of abuse for people immigrating to the country illegally. Apparently Kennedy hasn't had time to educate himself enough to know or understand this..

Giving kudos to a foreign Head of State for undiplomatic behavior...  oh to hell with that,  it was outright outlandish behavior to lecture Americans on their home soil for immigration policies hugely more liberal than his own country was not enough for Patrick. He had to carry it to the extreme of actually trashing America in the process.

Here are excerpts from Kennedy's remarks when asked by CNSNews.com for his thoughts last week:

“Well, he’s right on, I mean, it violates the spirit of our own Constitution.

"So, you know, we had a tragic history in this country. The most shameful parts of our history were when we had our slave trade, when we, when we, the Trail of Tears--what we did to our Native Americans.  And, you know, the proudest moments in our history are when we had the Civil Rights Act, when we moved forward on integration and expanding the opportunities for all of our citizens."

"So, this idea of, you know, racial profiling, takes us backwards and really goes to the worst character of our nation and it’s, it’s demeaning to our country that we would move in that direction," said Kennedy. "It’s beneath us as a people.”

No person aware of American history would dispute we have some blemishes. All nations do, including Mexico. Most of the the blemishes the other nations have cause ours to pale in comparison. Because of the United States and the trillions of dollars it has given to foreign counties in aid,  hundreds of thousands, if not millions have lived a life made a little better by American generosity. 

So yeah, I and millions more Americans, conservative, Libertarian, and moderates, as well as some progressives are sick and tired of hearing this infantile drivel from a kid born with a golden spoon in his mouth.

But I have digressed. What amazes me that it is so difficult for the raging left to understand that we are talking About ILLEGAL ALIENS and the social and economic problems this causes our nation. Guess what people, if we don't get this problem under control, and keep it under control by enforcing the law, our problems will only worsen... and they may grow experientially.

Calderon was playing us for fools and to his own countries benefit. After all the more open the borders the fewer of his own he and his country will need to worry about. Let the benevolent and somewhat stupid Americans do it for them. Just to make something really clear here,  I have stated it in prior posts on  the subject of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION but it bears repeating, American businesses that hire illegals from anywhere on the globe must be severely penalized. Their actions are as unlawful, unethical, and immoral, as those of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT themselves, perhaps even more so.

Perhaps Calderon and his policy makers should look in  their own backyard and question the reason(s) why their people want to leave in droves. And when they identify them do something about it. Our own President, a large share of Congress, and this one particular Congressman pandering to the Mexican  government and people is not going to resolve this problem. Simply enforcing the current laws we have ignored for years would be an improvement.

It is time for the Patrick Kennedy's of this nation who have a leadership role to fill,  to stand up as proud Americans and do something in conjunction with others to resolve this issue. The problem has been growing for over a quarter of a century and has only become worse under GWB and BHO. Hence the Arizona law. If the federal government doesn't act quickly and decisively to resolve the problem of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION more states will take action as Arizona did. It is with in their right to do so.

And now the video of the bumbling Representative Patrick Kennedy.

Read the full article from CNSNews.

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  1. Good Gravy with this BS. The only people who are racial profiling and taking us back wards is the left with them constantly stirring up the pot.
    I have a solution to this problem. Set up buses at the Arizona border load them up and drive around the country at different drop points starting with the Kennedy Compound backyard right next to the windmills.
    Have another drop point at the White House,Chicago,LA and San Fransisco.
    Now all these morons should be quite happy.
    Is Patrick of his meds again?

  2. As a huge admirer of JFK and RFK (and, yes, one who even gives Teddy kudos for his reaching across the aisle), the unhinged comments of this guy are even harder to stomach.....We can absolutely have a debate on the merits of this Arizona law. But what we don't need to do is use hyperbole and kiss the ring of Calderon.

  3. Just another booze-addled Kennedy...

    Also a typical liberal. He is rich enough to shield himself from the effects of the liberalism he foists on the rest of us.

  4. Agree with Silverfiddle here...just another boozed-out Kennedy elitist liberal. Well written post too, Les, nice work.


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