Friday, May 21, 2010

I Heart Tom McClintock (not like I didn't before anyway)

by the Left Coast Rebel

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) is a flat-out, unadulterated, stud. And it's not only that he stands by a solid record of limited government credence, it's that he has the guts, gusto and brains to call things like they are when other so-called conservatives flee from 'conflict.' Enter the Obama/Calderon 'no borders to define us' axis of evil, Tom McClintock's take:

PS - the Left Coast Rebel motto, 'Freedom, Abundance, Responsibility is based on a speech given by Tom McClintock.

How does 'Speaker' Tom McClintock sound?

More discussion on illegal immigration over at Memeorandum.


  1. That's exactly what every single state and federal official should be saying as they collectively give Calderon the bum's rush, with the threat of incarceration if he ever sets a single foot on American soil again.

  2. Les,

    I worked today, off the grid, and missed this! WOW! I heart McClintok, too! And how could I not? With a name like McClintok, he sounds like some John Wayne character out of a great western!

    Seriously, though, wow! This was a good catch and I'm glad I swung by to see what you were cooking.

    Long Live the Republic, as always.

  3. At least from what I can gather, Mexico has far more stringent anti-(illegal) immigration laws than the U.S. does. It's good to see that Mexican pols are just as hypocritical as our nimrods are.

  4. Bastiatarian - Well stated... and right on the mark. Sadly, oh so sadlt Americans lack politicians and leaders with this mas backbone.

  5. Don - Thanks. Full credit goes to my left coast friend and fellow patriot LCR.

    Thanks LCR for the cross post!

  6. Will "take no prisoners" Hart - Well... Actually it is just as sickening to see Mexican hypocritical pols as it is American.

    In this case the El Presidente of Mexico, who had no business making these remarks should be bannd from our country and receive no further consideration from us.

    As to our own hypocrits, well, we can vote em out in 2010 and 2012. Starting with the spineless leadership.

  7. Don - I didn't think of the John Wayneish sounding 'McClintock' but since you mention it, I think you are right....makes me like him even more.


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