Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Hate Filled Left

After a week of liberal bashing from a prominent progressive/socialist/Leninist blogger of note who runs a relatively successful progressive/socialist/Leninist site I have NOW become a firm believer progressives present the most dangerous threat to freedom of speech and liberty there is or ever was.

Why you may ask do I say this. A fair and reasonable question. The answer to this fair and reasonable question lies in the following individual's comments made on a liberal blog I visit fairly often. Following are several examples why there can be no reasonable dialogue or bi-partisanship with the far out emotional left.

"Then I read the comment of Rational National and recall his relentless 'liberal-bashing' as if this kind of stereotyping is somehow different from outright bullying and abuse. It is not. It is just as inflammatory and defamatory and abusive as every other kind of bullying we are forced to endure online, and his intellectual dishonesty makes me sick. Here is the arsonist trying to make everyone think he is putting out the fire. Bullshit in extremis."

"So Rational Nation, Tea Partier extraordinaire, does this also mean you are racist? How thick is your skin now, Rational Nation? Maybe you are not a racist. Maybe you are really an anti-Semite"

"Curious, I don’t find your skin very thick at all but rather reactive … not in a political sense but in the context of your having a bad temper, an intolerance for others, a lack of impulse control, and an authoritarian viewpoint that borders on oppression. You value your freedom but certainly do not respect mine, or else you would not have said: “ I simply refuse to agree with, or accept potions [sic] that in my judgement [sic] are misguded [sic] at best or evil at their worst.”"

"I notice you are a true defender of the American Way and true believers of the Faith. Have you noticed the racism and anti-Semitism within your Tea Party ranks?"

"So Rational Nation, Tea Partier extraordinaire, does this also mean you are racist? How thick is your skin now, Rational Nation? Maybe you are not a racist. Maybe you are really an anti-Semite..."

 "You know nothing about civility and understand even less about mutuality, or tolerance, or diversity, or even the fundamental principles of what it means to live in a democracy. It is not your politics or your beliefs that I find despicable. It is your total lack of character. So how thick is your skin now, Rational Nation?"

"Ooo, another one of your blanket stereotypes. Of course, you could have said: “I don’t approve of bigotry.” But you didn’t. Your omission speaks volumes and confirms your comfort with racists, anti-Semites, and bigots. For a man who talks “philosophy, history, and principals (@ May 12, 2010 10:37 PM), you are frankly full of crap."

"Rational Nation - “Listen to the words of Micheal [sic] Savage. A true conservative, one who has stood against the socialist/statist ideology with consistency and resolve. Let his words sink in, deep into your conscientiousness and help give you the resolve to fight on against the growing menace of tyranny in 21st century America.” 

"Nice company you keep, Rational Nation. So where does an insensitive, loudmouth lout get his anger from?"

"Curious. Whose voice do we hear, the father or the son? The apple does not fall far from the tree, as the saying goes. Is this why you like Michael Savage so much? Does he remind you of your father? Does he remind you of yourself? Are you one of these abusive loudmouths too? Is this what you identify with? It certainly appears that way."

"What Rational Nation regards as ‘free speech’ is hate mongering by any name. So, my friend,(the following comment is addressed to a rational liberal blogger) if you still want that glass of wine and a cigar, at least chose pleasant company whom you can trust. As the good book says:"

These are but a few examples of the propaganda being delivered by the misguided, angry, and hateful left. I leave it to you, the loyal readership of Rational Nation USA to decide. As an independent conservative with strong Libertarian leanings I trust you will understand my amazement at the obvious hatred the far extreme left has at it's core.

Should anyone wish to read more of this hateful drivel it can be found at The Swash Zone. I caution you though it is liberality extremis. As in Leninist/Stalinist ideology extreme. 

For a spot on expose on Left Wing Hate and Anger  visit Western Hero who has a great article and video on the subject.

The left is, and always has been, the first at labeling those who disagree with their progressive/socialist/Leninist ideology as UN American, racist, homophobic. and UN Patriotic. o the logical question is this... Who is really these things?

Again I leave it to the readers of this site to decide for themselves. 


  1. The philosophy of the Left is the philosophy of compulsion. The argument has been made many times. If a conservative decides to be a vegetarian, they don't eat meat. If a liberal becomes a vegetarian, they want a law banning everyone from eating meat. Conservatives own or don't own firearms. Liberals don't want anyone to own them even though it has the practical result of disarming honest people and giving them a disadvantage at the hands of criminals. It's an ugly pattern.

  2. I had to laugh as I read those quotes, since they are so completely void of reason, or even a speck of substance. It's typical, and so I'm not surprised, but it gives me a chuckle in a sad way.

    The comments about "tolerance" are especially silly. The loopsters seem to believe that "tolerance" means that I embrace and give support to words, ideas, and/or actions with which I disagree. Tolerance doesn't mean that I give a forum to philosophies that I know are destructive and irrational. Tolerance is nothing more nor less than that I adhere to the creed "Do what you want. Just do it away from me."

  3. You did pick a tough crowd to enter. You must first have a reasonable man in order to have a reasonable discussion.

    You will not find one there.

  4. LL - So true, and becoming increasingly more with each passing year.

    Bastiatarian - I too find many of the comments by the left wing blogger amusing on the one hand yet quite sad on the other.

    However, if he is happy in his state more power to him.

    Ablur - Yes I did, I have always had a tendency to enter the wolf's den and confront the pack head on. Just me I guess.

    You are right, for the most part it is difficult to find a reasonable man there.


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