Thursday, May 27, 2010

Glenn Beck On Progressives Indoctrination Of School Children

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

I have become much less supportive if Glenn Beck over the years, and have in fact been critical of him on occasion. Bet when a person is right they are right,. Beck's characterization of the the progressives indoctrination of American children is absolutely accurate and truthful.

Speaking as someone going back forty hears to his high school graduation I know this indoctrination has been  going on for many years. I was subjected to it as well as every other public school student. That's not to say all teachers were bent on indoctrinating students in progressive/socialist thought, but many were. And such it remains today, only it is more pervasive.

Revisionist history was gaining increasing support in the late sixties and early seventies. I actually had high school teachers and college professors who spoke to the issue of revisionism. Revisionism and indoctrination has become part of the national progressive/socialist's movement to make over America for quite a long time.

Beck is right on this.Although the progressive and socialists will argue vehemently this is not so. In fact  I predict they will resort to many inaccurate characterizations of Glenn Beck as well as myself.

So be it. The truth is the truth. And millions upon millions in America know truth.


  1. One example of such indoctrination was a textbook in one of my high school social studies classes nearly 40 years ago which taught that liberals want progress, while conservatives want to return to the horse and buggy era. Even as a teenager, I showed the class the idiocy of THAT statement. My liberal, democrat teacher was NOT amused, but 90% of the class ended up on MY side, not hers.

  2. I see it in the subtle tones of history instruction. This is an area ripe for abuse.

    They expose every wart and dark corner of conservatives and their enterprises, while trumpeting the glories of liberal causes.

    For anyone with kids or grandkids, Bill Bennet's "America, The Last Best Hope, vol I and II" are an excellent antidote.

    He tells it like it is, the good, the bad and the ugly, and he doesn't demonize anyone.

  3. WHAT???? After what just transpired in Texas?

    What these conservative board members have done to change history to suit their ideology is a travesty!

  4. Sue - What the ideological left has done over 50 years to push an ever increasingly progressive agenda on students through carefully planned historical revisionism and leftist political ideology is the real travesty.

  5. not true, you are just afraid of the truth that is our history. You try to twist it and manipulate it into biblical writings, but its simply our history. It is what it is.

  6. Yes Sue you are absolutely correct. It is what it is.

    I am a student of history. I am fully aware of the black marks on our nation. From slavery, and by the way many nations throughout history had slaves. Oh yes it was a Republican that freed the slaves and it was the democrats that were heavily involved in the Ku Klux Klan. So we have much company.

    To the way American Indians were treated. Perhaps our biggest blot on our culture.

    To the way the Japanese Americans were treated during World War Two. Under a progresive Democratic President.

    And the list could go on. However it would be pointless. Why, because it is you (meaning progressives in general) that see little other than the milk toast and Pablum the progressive feed their flock.

    My point is this... I have no problem teaching the truth in our history, all of it. I do know, perhaps precisely because I have a real open mind, that the system has been controlled by progressive in academia for going on 100 years. Over this time the teaching of progressive philosophy has been the agenda. At the expense of any opposing views.

    Anyone who refuses to recognize this is IMO either naive or foolish.

  7. Yes I know I used a broad brush. I also know not all progressives fit the mold I just poured. But in a broad sense it is the truth.

    And for the record, I will again say I am opposed to the right refusing to give a full unbiased accounting of our history.

    The criticism swings both ways. Perhaps my recognizing this is what makes me a true independent conservative with strong libertarian leaning.

    And so turns the world.


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