Sunday, May 16, 2010

Glenn Beck Liberty University Commencement Address

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

As I listen to Glenn Beck, a man I have differences with from time to time, I see a man who is sincere and truly humbled by the honor bestowed upon him this day.

A man self educated beyond a single course in college who believes that information and knowledge... ALL INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE...  should be considered.

And here is wht the liberal vermin in the media has to say ...

The Lynchburg News & Advance describes the spectacle as so:

Beck received an honorary degree from Liberty. He never graduated from college but spent one semester at Yale University when he was 30, he said, leaving because he could not afford the tuition.

Beck, who is Mormon, delivered a speech that emphasized the power of faith in righting a country that he said has gone off track.“I look at the things that are facing you today: the worst economy in generations, the euro on the road to collapse, we’re spending ourselves into oblivion…” he said. “We live in a time where you must have great courage; you must have great faith. We live in a time where it seems truth is on the run.”

His message to the graduates was peppered with tears, humor and even some offbeat wisdom, such as “cabs smell worse in the summer” and “labels are meaningless, but Louis Vuitton shoes are really the best.”A significant portion of the ceremony was devoted to honoring the university’s founder.

"We have to think of something, because the Titanic is going down," he said. "We need to save the passengers, that's what we need to worry about. Let the ship sink if we have to. We have a great plan: It's called the Constitution, and we'll build another one."

In the end it's hard to decide which is the more depressing fact: that Glenn Beck should be awarded an honorary doctorate from anywhere or that Liberty University itself exists. Probably both are equally offensive.

Not exactly how a reasonable thinking person would see it, at least IMO. I leave it to the readership to decide if Mr. Beck is rational in his remarks or not. Religious references aside. 

Via: Memeorandum


  1. The left ridicules Glenn Beck and calls him crazy, over the top, etc., etc., etc., but they seem to have a horribly difficult time pointing out specifically where he has been wrong in his predictions. The reason they have such a horribly difficult time, of course, is because Glenn has been so accurate. He's enough of a regular guy that he has the common sense to see that if a car is driving toward a cliff, and the driver closes his eyes and stomps on the gas, the car will almost certainly go flying over the cliff.

  2. Bastiatarian - I have some differences with Mr. Beck's over the top commentary from time to time... But on the whole he is more often right than not.

    The left alway's picks as their bogeymen the most effective individuals who blow holes all through their arguments backed up by reason and facts.

    Glenn does this very well. As does Savage.


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