Friday, April 23, 2010

It Bears Repeating... Again, and Again, and Again

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Here I go again. The progressive/socialist type that visit this site occasionally will no doubt be shaking their heads, and I suspect once again will try to marginalize the content presented here.

Progressive/socialists take great pains to paint all conservatives, libertarians, and anyone who disagrees with their destructive message as lunatics. They even resort to categorizing us as criminals.

My friend and fellow conservative blogger over at  Left Coast Rebel (visit his site here) demonstrates the visceral hate that many in the progressive/socialist circles have for the more rational amongst us.

Following is just a sample of the hateful language used by the left with respect to those that dare disagree with their agenda.  LCR provided the sample via a recent commnt on one of my posts.

At the same time I will say I know many thoughtful, respectful, and intelligent progressive/socialists that do not hold with that I am about going to post. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 Grunge wrote:

Republicans Love when Miners Die
Once Republicans take political office they fight to re-enact slavery. Not based on race mind you, although there are unrepentant bigots in the Republican Party like Governor Robert F. McDonnell who longs for the Confederacy, most Republicans and Conservatives will accept anyone into their midst if that person espouses the GOP and Conservative principles of deception, theft, rape and murder.

Link here -

What you have just read is the face of the most dangerous and oppressive though process there is, period. People such as this would be the first to deny your right to free speech liberty, and your property. They represent the very worst of the progressive/socialist movement. Enough as I am sure the picture is clear.

The progressive/socialist movement loves to hate the truth. When spoken directly and honestly, with historical facts to back it up they go berserk in their attempt to invalidate the truth by any means possible.

I do not hold blindly to all the policies of any politician or government official I have supported or support to day. No one is perfect and every President in spite of any good they brought to the country they also made their mistakes.

I present now two videos. The first of Ronald Reagan talking the truth about progressivism/socialism. The about second Herbert Hoover, the man liberals loathe and have told more lies about than perhaps any politician in modern history.

Together they demonstrate the flawed thinking of the progressive/socialist as well as their propensity to lie to achieve their agenda.

Oh, and for what it's worth I agree with the libs with respect to the results of Herbert Hoover's policies, albeit not for the reasons they would like us all to believe. Hoover was in fact Roosevelt's big brother in the march to progressive/socialism.

Now some "real" history.

Yes indeed, I am tired, very tired of the misrepresentations of the progressive/socialist left to achieve their own ends. It has been going on for a hundred plus years and it will likely go on for a hundred plus more. That is why those who love liberty, self determination, and individualism must stay strong.


  1. I occasionally used to tangle with Grunge_e_Gene, the author of that disgusting rant you excerpted. He is so unhinged he's not even worth messing with.

    I've noticed a lot of leftwing anger and hate emanating from Illinois and Michigan, hotbeds of liberal democratic dominance. Liberalism has failed them, so they lash out at those of us who had to good sense to not let our state and local governments get so out of control.

    The psychological projection from the left is stunning (refusing to see you faults and traits, and instead attributing them to others.) They foam at the mouth and rabidly rant about whatever MSNBC tells them to be mad about, and they call us angry? It's sad to the point of being pathetic.

  2. Let's include a little more of my post:

    Don Blankenship, the owner of the Upper Big Branch Mine tragedy that claimed the lives of at least 25 miners, has worked for years and donated millions in support of Republicans. The reason Blankenship supports the Right is once he gets Republicans and Conservatives in office they gladly do his bidding and ignore, underfund and undercut all safety warnings and reports of violations from the EPA, OSHA and Mine Safety and Health and take no action to help the poor wage slave. (Mine owner ran up serious violations, 495 violations last year alone.)

    This is exactly why Republicans hold office. Republicans hate Americans. The Republican Party secret goal is to destroy the federal government and pave the way for their Corporate, Banking, Industrial and Military Controllers to enslave the American people and work them to death.

    Why is it that 80% of Americans distrust government? Because the Right's efforts at destroying good government functions. Republicans in office work to undermine and sabotage the government from inside.

  3. Your outrage should be directed at Blankenship and the politicians he bought to get government to not enforce safety regulations RN.

    Keeping Americans safe is a government priority acording to every libertarian I've ever heard. I don't blame Gene for being outtaged. I agree with him and if any Democrats are of the same bought and paid for ilk as the republicans that ignored safety rules to serve Blankenship, they deserve our wrath and criminal prosecution as accessories to murder also.

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  5. Since conservatives can read and write and since it is fairly easy to go to a blog's 'start page,' how about this classic from Grunge's site, 3 posts down:

    That's what we Liberals always hear about Sean Penn and Tim Robbins. But if the actor happens to be a Conservative? In that case, Fox News and Right Wing Seditious Anti-American Traitors demand the actor in question get to voice "their" opinions, which coincide with the Republican Party Platforms of Deception, Theft, Rape and Murder.

    For me the worst part is before Jon Voight and Kelsey Grammer became vocal proponents of Murder and the Assassination of elected American officials I enjoyed their work, Voight as FDR and his many collaborations with Michael Mann and Grammer as the vulnerable, always learning from his father Fraiser. Now, they happily serve Terrorism and seek to undermine America.

    Oh yah, stupid me - that's the entire post too:

    And you guys think the conservative, limited government side is hateful?

    Grunge - I would like to hear you come out of the closet and admit that you are a communist. Just be done with it, it may soothe your psyche.

    Truth - You agree with calling conservatives terrorists that wish to undermine America and the GOP adhering to a platform of Rape and Murder? Do you think I am culpable of these things?

  6. Oh, my...claim that republicans serve terrorists and seek to undermine America and boy you even get LCR out on the defensive...

    But nothing wrong with claiming that liberals are anti-american, that they are not patriotic and want nothing more than socialism/communism/statism/collectivism/leninism for America...

    Whew, but put the shoe on the other foot and don't you all yell....

    Its bad enough when you all want to call a 'compassionate conservative' a liberal...

    Either we are close to an election or things are not all that great in conservative command central...

  7. I've been blogging since 2006. I had to abandon my original blog for a few reasons. A major one was everyone in my area, west central Illinois, new who I was and half the comments were right wing loons calling me America hater, teetsucker, welfare sucking whore. I can't get into the more colorful ones but the America hater meme continues under the Truth 101 moniker as well.

    Bill O'Reilly made a career out of calling his detractors "America haters." He did a column on it once.

    Your side calls us commies and pinkos. Whatever right wing propaganda me or anyone on the left exposes as the folly it is rarely gets a reasoned rebuttal. We just get called socialist statists.

    I want a government that works for all of us. I find it hypocritical of the right to demand "government stay out of the way." And when it does the right screams the loudest about it not doing it's job.

    Do I agree with calling conservatives terrorists? Their policies have abetted terroists and encouraged terrorists. It's your side that wants unregulated guns like the punks at Columbine used.

    I'll leave an opening for you to rip on Dems that supported the Iraq invasion. I don't want to have all the fun here LCR.

  8. TAO - **yawn, predictable, drivel**

    I'm glad to know that you support rhetoric like Grunge but then bust out circular reasoning to say that 'conservatives do it too...' So predictable. If only you were half as smart as your circular reasoning would make it seem.

    'Truth' - Glad to see that you think that my belief in gun ownership and the Constitutional right guaranteed is 'encouraging terrorists.' Even my most liberal friends would find that laughable at best.

  9. Les - This is your format, do with it as you will. Talk about a teachable moment though. Good grief.

  10. In the words of your hero LCR, "There you go again."

    I also support the rights of responsible, law abiding citizens to own firearms. Your selective view about that shows your hypocrisy and that of the entire right wing movement.

    Do you really believe anyone regardless of criminal or mental background should have guns? Isn't that an infringement on the rights of the responsible that government is not performing it's role of defending them?

    It is you who are trying to obsfucate and twist the words of those you disagree with. I don't really think you disagree with me on this either. You just have to protect yourself from angry backlash from your readers.

    I don't worry about that. I took hell and lost followers many times because I defended Israel's right to defend herself. Or stood up to smug, arrogant people who tried to paint all people who believe in God as nuts or superstitious fools.

    Right wing purity and loyalty are the most important rule of all to you LCR and RN. You weren't always like that either.

  11. Tim - Thank you, this is surely a teachable moment. But when the class is listening to only the left... the FAR OUT left teaching is not possible.

    The very assertions made here by my "occasional" visitors directed st you once again shows their hypocrisy and blindness.

    Do I believe the left hates America? Some do, most don't. They just hate anyone who does not think as they do.

    Th video speak to that hypocrisy. The first shows a proper vision for America, at least if one loves liberty.

    The progressive/socialist/statist movements logical conclusion is in as much concentrated government power as possible.

    As an independent conservative (I know you TAO don't get what that means)I am finally tired of the bull**it and equivocations we hear from the FAR OUT left all the time.

    At any rate I believe the post has done it's work.

    Thank you Tim for being the Patriot you are and defending our values. Those who CHOOSE not to understand well... To crib the words of another American Patriot, there they go again.

  12. Oh. LCR, the spin on your drivel is so predictable too!

    You are not a are a stormtrooper!

    You are more 'cute' than you are intelligent...

    All you do is pander to and Rational do...both of you whine all the time about liberalism and you live in California and Rational lives in Massechusetts...if you hate liberalism so much and find it so threatening to your values THEN WHY NOT GET OFF YOUR POMPOUS ASSES AND MOVE!

    Go on be LEADERS...set an example! Strike out and pave the way...but no you will continue to pimp for the Republicans all the while claiming to be 'independent conservatives'

    Frauds and diletantes...

    Of course all logic is circular to both of you...all you do is spin shit...stupid shit at that...

    Now enjoy your weekends in the bosom of socialism that you two call home....

  13. Truth - What is important to me is my principals. The fact you do not understand what that implies is of no more concern to me.

    tao -Your comment does not deserve a response. Other than that you are the fraud. Why don't you come clean and admit your REAL political ideology?

    Now you have a good weekend in whatever cesspool you call home.

  14. The 'cesspool you call home' is only a cesspool because of republicans such as yourself...

    Why don't you come clean and admit that you are a republican political hack?

    Yeah, you can't respond and you never had...neither has your little buddy LCR...

    You just throw out your cute little smartass comments....

  15. And you don't? Please don't make me puke.

    Yawning now.

  16. Truth: I don’t blame Grung-e-Gene for being outrage either. That mining accident was horrific. HOWEVER, this statement is misleading: This is exactly why Republicans hold office. Republicans hate Americans. The Republican Party secret goal is to destroy the federal government and pave the way for their Corporate, Banking, Industrial and Military Controllers to enslave the American people and work them to death.

    It paints ALL Republicans with one broad brush which is impractical. Honestly, if you read that last line-- does anyone REALLY believe the Republicans’ secret goal is to work people to DEATH? That is irrational to me. It is an emotional response to an emotional situation. It would be more believable without generalizations, slavery and death, don’t you think?


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