Thursday, April 29, 2010

Immigration Insecurity -- A Discussion

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Rational Nation USA's post yesterday discussing Arizona Senate Bill 1070, which is a) specifically concerned with controlling and stopping the influx of illegal aliens, b) has nothing in it that is unreasonable or unlawful, and c) is not racist... was an attempt to move beyond emotionalism and political pandering that is becoming so evident.

The following video, a discussion with Hannity, Malkin, and Hernandez points up the disagreements between  those who support  rational thought and rule of law as opposed to the emotionalism and race baiting of the progressive left, and quite frankly the POTUS.

Now that you have viewed the video take a moment to read what an individual had to say to Michelle Malkin in a letter addressed to her via e-mail. A person who readily admits to knowing or hearing nothing about Michelle until today. Click on the link here  to this e-mail.

And so I ask you this... who are the REAL racists?

Also for those who just might be interested in reading what the author of Senate Bill 1070 Kris Kobach has to say you can read it here

Via: Memeorandum 


  1. Brilliant stuff, Les! Your words are needed.

  2. Thanks Don... a bit of reseach can be informative and fun to boot. Wish the libs would do a bit of it before screaming their usual groundless rants.

  3. Don, thanks for the h/t over at Political Integrity Now. Much appreciated.

  4. Les,

    Are you kidding? You're one of the handful of Conservative blogs out here that makes any sense. The pleasure of posting your stuff at PIN was all mine, believe me. No thanks needed! I should be thanking you!


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