Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time For The Second American Revolution

Does this sound about right. If it doesn't then we are most assuredly in deep trouble. The cause is right. The time is now. Do We The People have the will?

It is time for action and those to timid to take it...well...think about the alernative to taking action.

And for those who may feel this is to "colonial", and I could name at least one, tough nuts. Those are my words and I stand by them.


  1. He is great! He hit the nail on the head! We must fight back against these progressive politicians who are ignoring the will of the people.

  2. I'm down for it--have been for a long time, whatever the personal consequence. People need to get some cajones.

  3. Teresa - The fight will be hard, may be long. Any thing worth having is worth fighting for. And our liberties both economic ad political or worth fighting for.

  4. Scott - like you , I have been down for it for awhile. It won't be easy as nothing worthwhile ever is.

  5. I just commented on another blog about the same subject. In short,a co-worker who emibrated here (legally) from Poland says America needs this and he SEES it coming.

    Its going to be a hot summer and I am not talking weather.

    Count me in.

  6. I've seen this before (I think I even posted it once) and I still cannot understand why rational people cannot understand it.

    Check my blog out tonight. Pelosi gets a great letter.

  7. Christopher - Indeed,along hot summer. It always amazes me that immigrants from eastern Europe (and I have personally known many)seem to get that which many in the US struggle to comprehend.

  8. Coffeypot - You are not alone. I too fail to understand. Perhaps... someday.

    I will check it out for sure.

  9. The Fake Tom Paine doesn't convince me, it's odd once the Demcrats take control do "We the People" decide it's time to rise up and remember fiscal responsibility and Democracy...

    Term Limits are Unconstitutional.

    Both Parties are beyond this because they are one party.

    Buy a gun? You'll need it... Okay who are the Tea Parties and Fake Paine going to use their guns on?

    No doubt everyone who is in wild agreement with Fake Paine were behind the WTO Protests in Seattle 1999 and wanted to mow down the Police, after all it was a precursor to the current unrest over the non-representative Representatives.

  10. Gene - The point is... the system is broken. The Republicans share a good deal of the blame,as do Democrats.

    Perhaps you are right on term limits,I am not a legal expert. If so amend the Constitution or at least try.

    Lets hear your progressive and ever so sublime answer to the problems both parties have helped to create.

  11. I don't have an answer Rational USA. I don't. But, calls for Revolution are dangerous because if violence is unleashed it's not going to be controllable.

  12. Gene - A revolution of ideas, a revolution of mindset.

    Violent revolution is not what I, nor any real conservative is suggesting.

    However, IMO, what those in power today have done is commit acts of tyranny against those they governs.

    It goes back well over 100 years when it began with the progressive movement and will continue until those who seek power and control of others are sent a clear message. And the message for any on the right who wish to accomplish the same is also the same.

    I believe, and I know I am not mistaken, our American revolution was a violent revolution. But only after a tyrannical government refused to hear the grievances of the people.

    The founders put in place the best government ever designed by man to hopefully insure it would not happen again.

    The people are angry, the groundswell of support for change, real change... is enormous, and the people calling for change are by and large intelligent hard working individuals who simply what the government it elected to be responsive and honest rather than ever more intrusive and dishonest.

    We have a problem in America and it is our problem to correct. If we can, and I certainly still have enough faith in the system and fundamental principals on which the system was originally built to find a solution. If we get the tyrants out of the way in Washington, retire the lobbyists and special interests, and get to work.

    And this means the progressives will need to get off their high horses and actually listen to conservatives. And yet some conservatives can be guilty of the same.

    As Rand said, and I paraphrase, when good compromises with evil evil is strengthened and good by virtue of it's compromise becomes tainted by that evil.

    We are talking principals and our Constitution and founding values are principals that should never be compromised.


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