Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Rational Senator Blocks Extended Unemployment Benefits

Here you have it folks, the real truth. The socialist/statist left, the champions of the working man, blocking the extension of unemployment benefits to none other than... the working man and women.

The Senate failed Thursday to extend benefits programs for laid off workers. The house on the other hand passed a bill that would have extended for one month the program so lawmakers could decide how to address the issue in the long term.

The Senate, while trying to follow suit was not successful in  overcoming the strong objections of Senator Jim Bunning, Republican Senator from Kentucky. Senator Bunning would not support the bill on grounds that the additional  ten billion outlay would increase the Federal budget deficit.

Senator Bunning's position is this;  rather than adding an additional ten billion to the  deficit we use money from the yet unused portion of the massive "economic recovery package" enacted last year. However, and as expected, the Democrats refused consideration of this commonsense and fiscally sound approach to controlling the deficit.

It seems as our nations productive work force continues to struggle to survive...   the very "party of the working man/women" is against rational initiatives that help reign in our greatest excesses that will ultimately lead to our economic collapse.

If the party of the working class was truly in favor of helping the working man and women, and in reducing the federal deficit and debt, it would support the initiatives of lawmakers such as Senator Bunning. This is likely not to transpire and the age old class warfare will likely continue.

If the left fails to recognize the validity of Senator Bunning's rational perspective approximately 1.1 million hard working Americans, searching for jobs that may or may not materialize, will be in a position of no longer being able to pay their mortgage, or buy the basic necessities of life without possibly exhausting their life  savings.

This is the crime socialism has successfully perpetrated on our once free and productive capitalist society.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. Great post Les.

    I agree with Sen Bunning that we should use money already set aside in the stimulus. It's bad enough that it approved, why not use it instead of creating more debt?

  2. Thanks Chris.

    Until such time as the statist left (and some on the right) begin to realize the runaway profligate spending simply must cease we will continue the downward economic spiral our nation is in.

    There are of course many reasons for this but controlling spending is a good as place as any to start.

  3. I couldn't agree more, Les. Perusing memeorandum, it seems that the welfare statists are trying to use this issue to bludgeon a common sense approach from Bunning.

  4. Tim - It certainly seems that way. Rather than doing the correct thing they choose to do the opposite.


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