Thursday, February 25, 2010

Obama Holds Health Care Summit

As President Obama convenes his Health Care Summit today I wonder if there will be mention by anyone  of the current situation that has developed in England. Apparently the NHS is under investigation for failing to provide poper care to patients. As a result of this 1200 people are no longer among the living.

Excerpts from a British news outlet;

  • Up to 1,200 patients died unnecessarily because of appalling care
  • Labour's obsession with targets and box ticking blamed for scandal
  • Patients were 'routinely neglected' at hospital
  • Report calls for FOURTH investigation into scandal


  1. as much as i'd like to hold socialism responsible for this, to do so wouldn't be rational. this was an isolated incident that occurred at a single hospital. now, whether or not this is a widespread problem is another story and should be looked into.

    we have to remember that regardless of what form of system there is, there will always be individuals who will take advantage of it for personal gain and that includes individuals in a free enterprise form of medical care.

    we have heard stories like this here in the U.S. too. though i'll admit, the stories i am thinking about dealt mostly with care for the elderly.

    if there be anything to be gotten from this story it would be that government tends to protect their own. and it is this that is widespread and can be found in any government endeavor regardless of the form of government.

    it is this that should be one of the driving forces for the idea that smaller government is a better government.

  2. Griper - Your points are well taken.

    I believe this story is an indication of the systemic failure of most completely socialized health plans run by the government. Whether it be England, Canada, Cuba... et all.

    It should serve as a warning to America. While our health care system can certainly be improved upon, we need to guard against this happening here.

    And yes, further research as to the degree of the issue would seem appropriate. Nonetheless, it should serve as reason for concern and give us pause.

    Limited government has always been, and shall always remain the most efficient and better government.

    The task of government with respect to health care at this time should be to find the best way at improving the system through market based competition, removing restriction, and tort reform to name a few.


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